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Sailboat Photo Gallery
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This Sailboat Photo Gallery is a collection of sailboat ads where you can see what people were willing to sell their sailboat for, and when. Ads are dated starting in 2004, undated ads are from previous years. Remember that these are "asking" prices, and probably not what the boat actually sold for. See the Sailboats for Sale pages for boats that are for sale.

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5/4/13, 1981 CL 14, Mentone, Alabama, $2,995 1981 CL 14

3/16/12, 1981 CL 14, Clinton, Iowa, $1,200 1981 CL 14

7/23/11, 1981 CL 14, Columbia, Connecticut, $1,600 1981 CL 14

4/23/08, 1981 CL 14, Colchester, Connecticut, $2,000 1981 CL 14

6/18/14, 1985 CL 14, Rockford, Michigan, $1,550 1985 CL 14

5/31/12, 1985 CL 14, Northport, Michigan, $1,885 1985 CL 14

5/2/06, 1986 CL 14, Columbus, Ohio, $2,200 1986 CL 14

3/16/12, 1973 CL 16, Clinton, Iowa, $1,800 1973 CL 16

4/6/12, 1980 CL 16, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, $1,600 1980 CL 16

4/23/06, 1986 CL 16, Buffalo, New York area, $2,000 1981 CL 16

5/13/05, 1986 CL 16, Queensbury, New York (near Lake George), $2,250 1986 CL 16

2/20/10, 1981 CL 16, Flint, Michigan, $1,600 1981 CL 16

Sailboat Photo Gallery

Select the first letter of the sailboat make or model

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Sailboats for sale

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