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We have many sailing calendars for 2005 still available! Order your sailboat calendar here at reduced prices. See also 2006 Sailing Calendars

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The Mariner's Book of Days 2005 by Peter H. Spectre
Enlighten and enliven every one of your favorite boater's days in 2005 with this entertaining nautical desk diary and calendar. Includes valuable insight ranging from boat maintenance to the traditions of the sea. 112 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.39 x 9.08 x 6.74, Desk edition

The Seven Seas Calendar 2005 by Ferenc Mate
Book Description
Twelve breathtaking voyages to the last remote, most mysterious corners of the world.
The adventure, romance, and magic of sailing in North America's #1-selling sailing calendar; printed in five colors by the world's premier printer, Mondadori, in Italy. High-quality paperóideal for framing. 15" x 11" folded, 15" x 22" open.

Sailing 2005 16-month Wall Calendar by Trends International

BOOKS! If a book with more pictures than a calendar is what you'd like, we offer this selection.

Wind and Water : Boating Photographs From Around The World by Onne van der Wal (Hardcover)
Book Description
This is a dazzling book of photographs of sailboat cruising and racing by the premier sailing photographer and award-winner, Onne van der Wal. Onne van der Wal is a world-class maritime photographer whose original body of work is recognized and coveted by boat lovers worldwide. WIND AND WATER features a variety of photographs that will captivate everyone from the casual boating enthusiast to the experienced Grand Prix racer.

What sets van der Walís work apart from the rest is its artistic style: whether he climbs atop a 75-foot mast for a birdís-eye view of a sloop cutting through crystal-blue waters or crouches on the deck during a race for a brisk action shot, van der Wal delivers brilliant photographs that capture the harmonious experience of being on the water.

The book contains exhilarating shots of intense yacht racing all over the world, from the Americaís Cup to the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. It also features dramatic photographs of sailboats cruising in exotic destinations such as the Southern Ocean (between Cape Town and New Zealand), the South Pacific, and the Arctic.

The Spirit of Sailing by Michael Kahn
Book Description
Millions of people have seen Michael Kahn's stunning seascape and sailing images in art galleries, on posters, and in Pottery Barn and other retail catalogs. Now, collected for the first time in book form, this sumptuous coffee-table volume is a visual escape that inevitably evokes a longing for the sea. Kahn hand-prints his images using a process he developed, which produces warm, sepia-toned photographs. This collection is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the emotional pull of a sailboat on the open sea.

Sleek: Classic Sailboat Photography from the Rosenfeld Collection at Mystic Seaport by John Rousmaniere
Book Description
In pictures and words Sleek documents the fusion of two art forms-yacht design and photography. The boats portrayed in this book possess that sleek quality and the photographs capture it. Sleek presents more than eighty breathtaking images by Morris Rosenfeld, Stanley Rosenfeld, C.E. Bolles, James Burton, and Arthur F. Aldridge, culled from thousands of photographs and negatives in the Rosenfeld Collection at Mystic Seaport.

Sparkman & Stephens: Classic Modern Yachts by Franco Pace
Sparkman & Stephens: Classic Modern Yachts, glories in the beauty of their classic boats and their racing successes. Some of Sparkman & Stephens best and most successful designs are presented in superb color photographs. The book has enough gorgeous interior shots and sparkling action pictures under sail to satisfy any sailor or photographer.

The Best of the Best: The Yacht Designs of Sparkman & Stephens by Francis S. Kinney and Russell Bourne
This is a book for the yachting purist and technically minded. Few design offices have achieved the success of S&S. The book covers meter boats to fast cruising designs as well as out and out racers. This volume is a must for any sailor with a knowledge of the hsitory of yacht design. One dissappointment is the lack of colour photographs. It is difficult to appreciate the true beauty of "The Classic Yachts" when all are depicted with line drawings and black hulls.
Generally a good read with interesting insights into the personalities and motivations of Rod and Olin Stevens. Some heartfelt commentary is woven throught the pages by folk who knew the brothers well.
I would recommend the book to serious sailors but not for those seeking a coffee table book.

Legendary Yachts by Gilles Martin-Raget, Francois Chevalier
Book Description
A tribute to the great racing yachts of the past, their current renaissance, and today's new enthusiasm for the classic regatta.
Every summer, as international classic yacht regattas pass through Monaco, Porto Cervo, Cannes, and other harbors, the public imagination is seized by the elegant wooden J-boatsmajestic vessels of gleaming brass, honed teak decks, and brightly varnished hulls. Under their expansive canvas sails, the last of the extraordinary 12-meter racing yachts compete once again, evoking a vanished era when the waves were broken only by the power of the wind.
Vibrantly illustrated in full color, Legendary Yachts offers a definitive exploration of the glorious age of sailing while also recounting the lore and mystique of the classic yacht regatta. This handsome book features such renowned yachts as Pen Duick, Shenandoah, Avel, and Creole, admirably captured in exterior and interior photographs. Whether twisting furiously in the heat of a race, coasting serenely on the sea, or docked in a picturesque Mediterranean port, the yachts are displayed with astonishing clarity.
With an engaging text that illuminates five different regattas and delves into the histories of over a dozen classic boats, Legendary Yachts also details the rather recent phenomenon of restoring these wooden boats, some of them more than a century old! The book describes the care and craftsmanship that go into bringing the boats back to life and uses 90 precise drawings from a variety of perspectives to reveal the structure of each vessel. Sure to appeal to sailing enthusiasts, Legendary Yachts will also be welcomed by those who love the sea, admire fine craftsmanship, or appreciate beautiful photography.
300 full-color illustrations; 90 black-and-white drawings

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