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Books about racing catamaran sailboats, learn how to race catamarans. See also our bookstore section on Catamaran Sailboats.

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Catamaran Racing: For the 90's by Rick White, Mary Wells
Reviewer: Matt Mayfield from Arlington, Virginia
Rick White is the master of communicating how to sail a catamaran. This book mirrors his seminars and videos. I think the video series might even be an even better starting point for most catamaran sailors because much of book is about how-to activities that should be visualized and practiced.
Reviewer: K. Kirk Gehman from Zionsville, Pennysylvania
I find myself reviewing this book before I hit the water. After I return from the day's sailing I refer to it again to try and understand how I can improve on what I done that day. Rick White and Mary Wells have the ability to clearly explain the basics of boat handing and racing tactics in readable and direct language. The book is not afraid of stating an opinion where there are several points of views. It also discusses these views. I recommend this book to anyone at any level of catmaran sailing.
Catamaran Tuning Guide by Michael Fragale, et al
Reviewer: A reader from St-Romuald, Québec Canada
The first chapters of the book are pretty basic and the experienced sailor will not learn much. The last chapters are more interesting: they explain what happens if you pull on a certain string, tigthen this sidestays, etc.
The presentation and graphics are so low in quality that they seems to have been done on a computer from the mid 80's. It's also pretty obvious that there was no quality control on the text since long passages are sometimes repeated on the same page.
At this price, you can buy books with color photographs, clear graphics and drawings on high quality paper. In its present format, this book is not worth more than $ 5.
Around the World in Seventy-Nine Days by Cam Lewis, Michael Levitt (Contributor)
From Publishers Weekly The canny authors of this memoir about a real-life race to sail around the world exploit to the fullest its rather tenuous connection with Jules Verne's classic adventure novel. In January 1993, a crew of four Frenchmen and one American-author Lewis, a professional American sailboat racer-set out to circumnavigate the globe in the Commodore Explorer, a multihull catamaran, and to best the fictional 19th-century 80-day record of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout. Of course Fogg et al. did not travel solely by water, so the routes were not analogous. Nor did they have the benefit of telexed weather reports, faxes or a press agent hovering nearby in a helicopter to pick up their film. However, the modern-day authors' decision to insert literally Verne's classic story into this narrative via copious (copyright-free) excerpts occupying almost half the book does pay off, infusing the breezy writing with a feeling of genuine adventure it otherwise lacks. Also enlivening Lewis's memoir are observations on a variety of related topics, ranging from famous explorers to a detailed explanation of longitude and latitude. Lewis's real-life experiences-his difficulties in communicating with the French-speaking crew, loss of sleep, rough seas and primitive facilities-are far less exciting than the enthralling drama of his fictional counterpart. But the combination of both stories is a winning one. Photos not seen by PW. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Catamaran Racing from Start to Finish by Phil Berman, Phillip L. Berman
No review available
Catamaran Racing by Kim Furniss, Sarah Powell
The world championship catamaran racing team of Kim Furniss and Sarah Powell reveal their techniques for winning in all conditions aboard one of the most popular vessels in the small-boat market. With advice for both helm and crew, and illustrated throughout with photo sequences of the authors in action, the book explains small-catamaran tactics for outwitting the opposition, bringing the boat to the best standard, and tweaking the mast and sails.
Multi-hull racing : the Hobie Cats by Fred Miller
Reviewer: A reader
This fabu book covers it all~ even though it is from 1976, things just don't change a lot in the sailing world. 152 pages of racing strategies, hobie cat maintainence and tips for use. woo hoo! it is the best!
Catamaran Racing: Solutions, Secrets, Speeds by Rick White
No review available

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