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Stimulate your child's interest in sailing with one of these books, great sailing gifts!

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A great introduction to sailing for young children and their parents.

Merlin's voyage
Welcome on board Merlin for some amazing sailing adventures! Merlin is a curious catamaran, home of a family with young kids sailing from South Africa to Australia, via the Atlantic, the Caribbean Islands and the Pacific. Join us and discover the high seas, the underwater wonders, the islands delights and extraordinary sunsets. Cast off and enjoy the dreams!
Click and the Kids Go Sailing by Charnan Simon, Richard Max Kolding (Illustrator)
From Publishers Weekly
Cricket magazine's "Click and the Kids" star in their own picture book, Click and the Kids Go Sailing by Charnan Simon, illus. by Richard Kolding, the first title in a new series. In this adventure, Martin, Amy, Click and Liz, the babysitter, climb aboard the Bumblebee for some smooth and rough sailing; nautical terms and a diagram of a sailboat teach aspiring sailors the ropes.
Little Rat Sets Sail by Monika Bang-Campbell, Molly Bang (Illustrator)
From Publishers Weekly
This mother-daughter team presents a chipper early chapter book starring a likable young rodent whose parents sign her up for sailing lessons. Little Rat is hardly happy about this: "She was scared of the water./ She was scared of falling in./ She was scared of falling in/ even with her life jacket on." From the start, an ill wind blows; her life jacket is a different style from everyone else's, she is terrified of sailing solo in the prams that look like bathtubs ("how could a bathtub possibly float?") and she knows that in the dark ocean lurk jellyfish, slimy eels and "big icky blobs of seaweed." Little Rat's amiable instructor, Buzzy Bear, comes to her rescue, inviting her to sail with him in a larger boat while he teaches her sailing terms and tactics. Readers learn right along with her, and a carefully labeled sailboat helps aspiring sailors get their bearings. Predictably, the more the heroine learns, the less she fears, and on the last day of sailing class the diminutive sailor proclaims herself "a brave Little Rat" who just might sail solo next summer. Buoyant and brightly hued, Caldecott Honor artist Bang's (When Sophie Gets Angry Really, Really Angry) pictures subtly convey the growing confidence of this endearing heroine. A breezy junket for aspiring skippers and confirmed landlubbers alike. Ages 6-9.

Sarah's Boat: A Young Girl Learns the Art of Sailing by Douglas Alvord (Illustrator)
Reviewer: An Customer
I read this this book to my 4-year old daughter, Sarah. She loves it, and has learned some important sailing concepts from it. We are building a live-aboard sailboat, and have been very concerned about child safety. After reading _Sarah's Boat_, we find her playing sailboat in the back yard, coming about and ducking the imaginary boom! She has been able to stand on a beach and judge the direction of the wind, and predict whether we could take a straight course to the opposite shore, or whether we would need to tack. She gleans this knowledge from what she considers a bed time story. I wish there were more books like this!
The Little Sail Boat by Lois Lenski
Book Description
Mr. Small is a sailor in this maritime adventure! Captain Small and his dog Tinker sail and fish together. When a storm comes, Captain Small heads for the safety of the shore. A comforting, nostalgic story full of information about sailing.
Sailing for Kids by Gary Kibble
No review available
THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. If you would like to purchase this title, we recommend that you occasionally click the link above to see if it has become available
First Sail by Richard Henderson, Jennifer Heyd Wharton (Illustrator)
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, Wisconsin
Richard Henderson's First Sail is more than a warmly illustrated picturebook. It is an educational adventure, written to teach young folks how to safely ride a boat out on the waves. Every single page spread has an important selection of facts, vocabulary, knots, or sailing techniques, all with diagrams, all crucial for a brand new sailor just starting out. In fact, most adults will find a fascinating wealth of brand new information, unless they've been sailing for so long they know what beating to windward is, or the difference between a bowline and a fisherman's bend knot. With splendid illustrations by Jennifer Heyd Wharton throughout, the story itself is a sailing adventure that incorporates all the things and techniques of sailing shown in the sidebars. Very highly recommended.
Sail Away by Florence McNeil and David McPhail
Reviewer: A reader from San Pedro, California
Anyone who has been around boats knows that there is a whole separate language for boats. This book shows a little boy who can speak boat talk and who dreams of being the captain of a ship. The salty words paint a picture of an adventure--one which the illustrator joyfully interprets.
This book is a definite must for anyone in the sailing community, young or old!
Sail Away by Donald Crews
Reviewer: Sharon Stoddard from Sydney, Australia
My 3 year old son loves this book. He often goes sailing with his Uncle in Sydney Harbour. This book helps him recall those special times with his Uncle. He adds to the story with his own memories. We have checked this book out from the library twice, and I now think that it is something that we need to buy.
Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea by Gloria Rand, Ted Rand (Illustrator)
Reviewer: Roz Levine from Virginia
Meet the Madsen family, Father, Mother, Albert, Dagmar, baby Ena, and our narrator, Mathilda. They lived aboard a four-masted sailing ship, captained by their father, that carried cargo all over the world in the late 1800s. As Mathilda tells us, their accommodations were luxurious, large bedrooms, fine furnishings, and even a marble fireplace in the main saloon, and their life aboard ship was rich with adventure and full of fun. "Unlike most homes, our didn't stay put. At night, the ship kept moving, so every morning we woke up far away from where we'd gone to sleep." They had the huge deck for play, a menagerie of pets, including a pig, kangaroo, mongoose, and monkey, astronomy lessons by night, and geography lessons as they sailed the world by day. Theirs was a unique and fascinating life, and when in port they always wanted to know, "When do we sail? When are we going back out to sea?" Gloria and Ted Rand have authored an intriguing and informative story, based on entries from the journal kept by Ena and her father, Captain Madsen. The engaging text is gripping and full of emotion, and beautifully enhanced by Mr Rand's expressive artwork. Together, word and art pull you into the story, and transport you to the high seas and another time and place. With an afterword and photo gallery to complete and personalize the story, Sailing Home is an amazing and entertaining book that's perfect for youngsters 7-10, or as a read-aloud story the entire family can share.
Dear David,
Thank you for noting "Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea" in your sailing book section of your website. Sailing Home is the story of my great grandparents, Captain and Mrs. Mads Albert Madsen, along with my grandfather, and great aunts. You may also want to reference the official John Ena website. It has been referenced by schools, sailing museums, and boat clubs around the world.
Our family is quite proud of the work Gloria and Ted put into this book. The story is taken directly from the ships journal written by Captain Madsen.
Robert (and Sherrie) Madsen
Great grandson
The Wanderer by Sharon Creech, David Diaz (Illustrator)
Reviewer: An Customer
The Wanderer by Sharon Chreech. This book is about a thirteen year old, Shopie,who is the only girl in the crew of the Wanderer. The other crew members are her close three uncles.Uncle stew,Uncle Mo,Uncle Dock,plus her two cousins,Brian,and Cody. They're going to England so they can send it back to their gradfather. But first they have to go through the courageous Atlantic ocean. Shopie's cousin Cody doesn't know why his father took him on this trip. Everyone, including his dad thinks Cody is a knuckle head doofus. Cody wants to prove to his dad that he's not a knucle head doofus. Sophie wanted an adventure and she got a GREAT,GREAT adventure. Newberry award winner made a courages book and I love it. I think this book is for ages 8 and up.
Mabel Takes a Sail by Emily Chetkowski, Dawn Peterson (Illustrator)
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review
In Mabel Takes A Sail, a friendly, energetic dog named Mabel embarks on a grand adventure when she and her family set off on a sailing trip around the island of Islesboro, Maine. Landlubber Maxine (the family's new dog) comes along for the ride and Mabel finds that she has her paws full as she tries to teach Maxine a thing or two about sailing and boating safety. Recommended for young readers, especially those who own pets and have access to sail boats, Emily Chetkowski's clever and entertaining story is aptly illustrated by the drawings of Dawn Peterson.

Blown Away by Herb Payson
Reviewer: Suzanne Thomas from Colorado
I'm landlocked in Colorado, with no real desire to cruise on an ocean or even a bay, yet I really enjoyed reading this book. Herb and his wife, Nancy, were ordinary people except with perhaps even more limited funds than most Americans. Yet they impulsively decided to take to the sea. Somewhere along the way Herb started writing articles about his adventures (they almost always needed extra money because something else on the boat had broken). Eventually that led to this amusing, laugh out loud while reading it, book. Herb displays a fine sense of humor that never comes across as mean, just amusing as he describes himself and the people he meets along the way. This is a good book for sharing with others, then tucking it away on the bookshelf for another read next year. And if any cruiser is trying to explain to a landlubber what it's like on the water, this book would be the perfect gift to share both the bad (lost in the middle of a pitch black night surrounded by dangerous coral heads) and the glorious (a village throwing a party in honor of your visit). A charming book that is aging extremely well.
You Can't Blow Home Again by Herb Payson
Book Description
In this charming,thought-provoking sequel to Blown Away , Herb Payson's singular determination and self-effacing humor are irresistible as he and his family make a Pacific Ocean passage in an old wooden sailboat.

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