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Sailing, cruising and boating magazines at discount prices. Read reviews of all the magazines and buy at discount prices.

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Reviewer: lovetosail2 from Newport Beach, California
Sailing World is a beautiful, well-written magazine! It comes with gorgeous pictures and coverage of international, college and local races and regattas, as well as contains many technique articles complete with pictures and diagrams to reinforce or introduce solid techniques to a beginning or even experienced sailor. When I can't get out to sail, I turn to Sailing World to bring the world of sailing to me! It always has excellent coverage of America's Cup as well as other local regattas in California, where I live. It is timely and the information is always very current and holds the latest news in tech issues, new products on the market and current standings. Excellent coverage and exclusive articles that I haven't seen anywhere else. This publication helps you concentrate on being the best sailor that you can, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. I recently took up sailing a few years ago and this has been like my sailing bible!

Reviewer: laurie's boomer views from Whittier, California
Whether you are a novice sailor, racer ,or an old hand at it, whether you own a boat, are thinking of buying one or just like to go along for the ride, this magazine covers it all.
There's all kinds of useful tips and information for anyone who just loves boats or being out on the water. There are articles ranging from handling weather and mechanical problems to keeping your pets aboard. The latest in gear and equipment, America's Cup Schedules,basic cruising tips,articles written by people just like you, who just love being out there(these are great as they give good ideas for living aboard and places to cruise), are all in here.
Thinking of buying a boat? You'll find feature articles on new and older boats. There is even a classified section in the back, that will give you a good idea of the price ranges for the type of boat your looking for.
Day Sailor, Cruiser, Racer or Live Aboard, you'll look foward to every issue........Laurie
Cruising World
From the Publisher
This magazine is edited for those who enjoy cruising and are interested in acquiring new skills enabling them to navigate and sail safely in coastal waters, on lakes and across oceans. About half of the articles involve information and techniques aimed at helping an owner maintain and enjoy his/her sailboat, while the other half reflect reader experiences.
Blue Water Sailing
Reviewer: bmd from Seattle, Washington
If you are into cruising, or dream of it, this is a nice mag. Unlike "Sail," which focuses too heavily on racing for my taste, "Blue Water Sailing" has a nice mix of practical advice on how to manage a boat for living aboard and guides to the great places you can go. The last issue I read had an excellent account of a father & son who cruised to the north coast of Cuba.
Ocean Navigator
From the Publisher
For 15 years, Ocean Navigator is the only magazine devoted to the advanced offshore sailor. It provides in-depth coverage of offshore sailing techniques, equipment, weather and safety. It also covers exciting sea stories, news and thoughtful insights from experienced voyagers. It is the most respected magazine serving experienced recreational mariners, both power and sail.
Latitudes & Attitudes
From the Publisher
Covers the boating lifestyle.
Australian Sailing
From the Publisher
Australian Sailing covers the whole spectrum of sailing from dinghies to maxi yachts for racing or pleasure with coverage of every major Australian yachting event plus select overseas races.
Cruising Helmsman
From the Publisher
Cruising Helmsman, Australia's top-selling yachting magazine, is devoted to promoting all types of cruising and destinations, whether local, Pacific, or global.
Sailing For Southern Africa
No review available
Caribbean Travel And Life
From the Publisher The focus of this magazine is on the culture, history, resorts, shopping, cuisine and water sports of the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda. It features articles about the things which are new and trendy in life and travel in the Caribbean.
Reviewer: njjiants from Hackensack, New Jersey
I try to read this magazine slowly, allowing myself to dream I am on the trip with the writers. The magazine has something for everyone, whether you want an adventure or budget or luxury, the tips and even the ads are helpful in planning a Caribbean vacation just right for you.
From the Publisher
The indispensable magazine for today's yachtsman, providing power and sailing enthusiasts authoritative evaluations of new boats, gear and equipment. Coverage of cruising, traveling and racing destinations.
From the Publisher
Sea Magazine is specifically targeted to West Coast subscribers and is edited for active boating enthusiasts from Alaska to Mexico, covering Western people, places, news, and events. Sea focuses on nearby cruising and fishing destinations and legislation that affects Western boaters. Sea also provides buyers guides to boats, marine equipment and accessories; covers national news, safety and seamanship; and offers monthly reports on both large and small boats. Published monthly.
Maine Boats & Harbors
From the Publisher
The Magazine of the Coast celebrates living, laughing, working, playing, visiting, and boating on the Maine coast. Maine's best writers and photographers cover downeast boats, coastal homes, gourmet food, fine artists, the natural world, and current events. Five full-color issues per year.

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