1975 470, Pensacola Florida, asking $550, price reduced 10/3/05 to $525, sold 12/23/05

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1975 470

  • comes with an unregistered trailer, tires hold air, but bearings probably need servicing before a long road trip(I can arrange that before pickup at buyers expense). trailer lights are questionable, but there is a west marine a block from the boat, I can replace those as well before pickup.
  • It comes with 4 sails, trapeze, and trapeze harness. The sails included are working jib(3 out of 10), main(2 out of 10), smaller 420 main(9 out of 10), and spinnaker(7 out of 10). The 470 main has a blown out window and I have never used it.
  • The boat planes well with me and my small girlfriend using the 420 main with the jib. The 470 main may not be repairable. The jib is a bit weathered and taped up, but has held out for me in 15 knot winds fine(it's kinda ugly though).
  • I don't know anything about spinnakers and have never flown one, but it looks pretty nice(one tear). also comes with 2 sails bags.
  • there is a crack in the fiberglass around the centerboard trunk, but does not affect performance.
  • The boat is a little on the ugly side, but everything is there to get out and sail, and sail fast.
  • There are a few things missing like proper hardware(clevis pins, I just use SS bolts) and a pulley that mounts in the mast, but the boat is still able to be rigged and sail.
  • there is no boom vang.
  • Boat has hiking straps and telescoping tiller extension.
  • all standing rigging and running rigging is there working and in fair to great shape.
  • This is a great boat for someone to get into cheap and experience some high performance sailing.

    Hi David!
    I just wanted to let you know my 470 sailboat in Pensacola,Fl has sold. Thanks for the great site and free classifides. you can mark it sold., thanks again.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1975 470 sailboat

    1975 470 sailboat

    1975 470 sailboat

    1975 470 sailboat

    1975 470 sailboat

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