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Wellcraft Buccaneer, 1983, Menominee, Michigan, $1,895, sold 11/21/09

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1983 Wellcraft Buccaneer

  • I've owned this boat for approx 15 years and have never raced it. It was little used when I got it.
  • No motor or mount.
  • Original main and jib in very nice condition. One set of reef points in main.
  • No spinnaker or gear.
  • Roller furling.
  • This has the higher mast base and is easy to set up and take down. 20 minutes is more than enough time from trailer to water. I've put quick release pins where I could.
  • There is nothing to do to go sailing. No problems with the hull and deck.
  • I put backing plates of aluminum behind the rudder hardware inside the hull and the forestay deck fitting for extra strength.
  • Rudder and tiller in great shape.
  • This boat is fast and fun, planes easily and is a lot of boat for the money. They are still in use and raced in many areas of the country.

    Everything is nice including the Dilly trailer. It has tilt feature and front jack. I also put new tires on it and replaced the wheel bearings a couple of years ago. Sand blasted and painted then also, still looks good.

    Please be advised that my sailboat listed on 10/10/09 is sold. It is an 83 wellcraft buccaneer. Thank you again for everything.
    I have been following your cancer story with much interest and I must say; you're in good hands there with your wife and all that she does in the way of good health. I read her stuff and learned some things along the way. May it all go well with you.
    Menominee, Michigan

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Wellcraft Buccaneer sailboat

    Wellcraft Buccaneer sailboat

    Wellcraft Buccaneer sailboat

    Wellcraft Buccaneer sailboat

    Wellcraft Buccaneer sailboat

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