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Hunter 22, 1983, Hartford, Connecticut, $6,500, Ad expired

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Hunter 22, 1983 with trailer and 8hp 4-stroke motor


This 22 foot boat feels and handles like a 25 footer but loads and unloads from her trailer like a 20 footer. It was extensively refit in 2003 to virtually make her a seven year old boat. The engine is basically new and realistically has fifty to sixty hours on it. It's just been tuned up by the dealer and runs like a top. It's a 8hp 4-stroke Honda BF8 with a generator/alternator and an electric starter, and it has an extra long shaft to keep the prop in the water in big swells.

The hull is solid and clean with no blisters or damage. A couple of small gelboat nicks or dings here or there, but so small and few that I deemed them in no need of any attention. If you want an absolutely perfect boat, then go buy a new one! I have just painted the bottom with a fresh coat of blue semi-hard antifouling pain, and the topsides have been cleaned and polished. I waxed the cockpit a couple of weeks ago. The non-skid surface on the deck is in great shape too.

This spring I removed the swing keel / swing centerboard for a complete refurbish. I ground out the dings and filled with perfect fiberglass and marine putty. Removed the old, worn nylon pivot bushing and had a new bronze one custom machined along with a beautiful new custom stainless steel pin. They are a beautiful pair good for another 20 to to 40 years, most likely. I sanded the board perfect and primed and painted. It's literally better than new.

The sails are in almost new condition. They are strong and tight and hold good shape. they are crisp and thick and firm and have not seen much sun. They give great speed. The rig is a standard sloop with hank-on jibs that include a standard jib and a genoa. The Genoa has barely been out of the bag.

This boat carries a good sized load of lead ballast in the hull. The swing keel/centerboard adds about 150 pounds, but the lead really makes this boat cut through chop compared to the closest similar model: the Catalina 22. This boat is not a light-displacement cruiser, it is a medium-displacement vessel. She's comfortable on open ocean in pretty big waves and winds. Her other big strengths include the fact that her (brand new refurbished) swink keel folds up to make her shallow on the draft. She only draws two feet below the waterline to the bottom of the keel when it is retracted. Combine this with the fact that her interior is as spacious as many 25 to 26 footers, and you've got the perfect boat for one to four people for sails of days to a week or so.

The interior has a brand new and never used porta-potty toilet. The main cabin has a sink that I've never used and a space for a stove, but I don't have any stove installed in the boat. I used a camp stove when I cooked.

The cockpit has a fold-up or fold-down bimini in matching sunbrella awning fabric as the tiller cover and the mainsail cover. It really helps to keep you out of the sun on summer days. There is a bulkhead mounted compass that is a bit faded from the sun, and there is a humminbird fishfinder/depth/speed meter. There is a good and basically new dash mount VHF radio inside along with an old fm radio with casette player that may or may not work. Even if it works, it's not hooked up anyway. I used a boombox with my ipod.

The port and startboard berths are the bench seats in the main cabin. They are both almost nine feet long, as they extend under the cockpit seats. They are very comfortable and we've laid in them many nights watching a movie on a laptop or playing cards.

All of the cushions in the boat (the mattress type cushions in the bedroom/v-berth and the bench seat/berths in the main cabin) were covered in 2003 with new and very soft water resistent vinyl. They are custom molded and curvy and soft and don't absorb any water. They are comfy for sleeping, even on your side. We never thought that it was necessary to cover these with memory foam or anything else to soften them up. They are great.

The wood inside is in very nice shape and is tastefully used to create a warm in viting interior that isn't staid and as plasticy and "molded" as an interior like in the Catalina 22. Inside this vessel, it feels like you are on a 25 foot sailboat. It is a room, not a cuddy. I can stand up inside, but I have to tilt my head over as I'm six feet tall. My wife can stand up fully inside, and she's about 5'6".

This boat is on an excellent trailer. I have just had the brakes replaced and upgraded, and the bearings and seals also. I also put on brand new category E trailer tires. It's hard to even find these load-rating tires in a asize to fit a trailer this long. These tires are extra strong and are rated to carry something like 5,500 pounds. The boat and trailer weight about 3,500 or 4,000 pounds, so there is a lot of extra cargo that these tires will be able to carry. You won't have to carry an empty boat behind you to not worry about blowing out a tire at 65 mph on the highway. These bad boys can take it. The bunks are in good shape and are adjustable. The winch works as it should, and the brakes are hydraulic surge brakes that are in perfect working order and really help to stop the boat and trailer. I pull this whole righ with my jeep cherokee and it's fine up to about 65 on the highway. If you had a diesel then you could do 80 for sure. My jeep tops out around 65 with the boat behind her.

I can launch or load the boat from or to the trailer including raising and lowering the mast myself without any help in about 30 to 45 minutes. The mast has a hinge at its base that allows you to raise and lower it easily and solo if need be. With a helper you could raise or lower it and launch the boat in half the time: 15 to 20 minutes.

We hate to sell her, but we've upgraded our sailing from day and weekend sailing to live-aboard, and we are departing for our first 6-month cruise shortly. This boat is a great boat in her own right; we've just outgrown her. In your hands she may be the perfect vessel for the next five or ten or twenty years. She's solid and in excellent and well loved condition. We want her to go to a good home.

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Hunter 22, 1983 sailboat

Hunter 22, 1983 sailboat

Hunter 22, 1983 sailboat

Hunter 22, 1983 sailboat

Hunter 22, 1983 sailboat

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