Laser 2, 1994, Austin, Texas, $3,200, sold 10/3/08

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1994 Laser 2 Sail # 9018

  • The Laser 2 is a light and fast two-person dinghy with main, jib, spinnaker, and trapeze. This example is in very good condition.

    This boat is an excellent day sailer for one or two, or an excellent platform to learn how to sail a high performance dinghy. On a light air day, it's docile and easy, and would be great for a parent and child combo or two adults to play on. When the breeze is up, it provides a huge thrill ride on reaches, with the crew on the wire, on full plane. We've had the boat up to OVER 14 knots of boatspeed with two crew onboard, measured by a GPS.

    I've made some minor rigging modifications (all 100% reversible, with no new holes drilled in the boat) to allow the boat to be sailed singlehanded from the trapeze wire (see list of mods below). The boat can also be sailed in 100% class-legal configuration for one-design racing. In addition, I've also set up the boat to be sailed either with the standard symmetrical Laser II spinnaker and spinnaker pole, or with a much bigger asymmetrical 29er skiff spinnaker flown as a masthead kite, using the stock spinnaker pole as a bowsprit. The 29er kite and all required running rigging (lines) to fly the asymmetrical are included in the sale of the boat.

    new centerboard and rudder, purchased in 2006 and in beautiful condition.


  • 14'5" LOA
  • 4'8" beam
  • Draft (board down) 3'3"
  • Mast height 19'
  • boat displacement 174 lb
  • Sail area 124 sq.ft. (main and jib), 110 sq.ft (spinnaker)
  • Main and jib in good condition. Stock spinnaker in excellent shape. 29er asymetrical spinnaker in ok condition.
  • Twin Trapezes.
  • Spinnaker retrieval chute in the bow, spinnaker pole, and all spinnaker running rigging included.
  • Every single line replaced on the boat in 2006 & 2007, so you get a boat with new running rigging.
  • New Excel Racing line (Polyester cover, hi tech Dyneema core) main halyard for zero stretch, with cover stripped from upper portion to save weight aloft.
  • New wire luff on jib, replaced in 2006.
  • New rudder and centerboard, purchased from Vanguard/Laser in 2006.
  • Carbon fiber tiller extension with new Ronstan universal joint.
  • Custom, padded foil bag made in 2006, holds rudder, centerboard, tiller & tiller extension, and mainsail battens, all in dedicated pockets.
  • Brand new non-skid tape on gunwales (for crew on trapeze), replaced in August, 2008.
  • New inspection port storage bag, added summer, 2007.
  • New Spinlock PXR Cam Cleat installed on cockpit floor for Spinnaker halyard/retrieval line. Facilitates crew or skipper raising and lowering kite.

    Other goodies included:

  • Extensive documentation, including Laser II manual, parts list, rigging and sailing guides, tips & tricks.
  • Laser II DVD, including extensive rigging instructions, tuning tips, and sailing tips.
  • Trapeze harness, included with the boat.
  • Dinghy PFD, included with the boat.

    Singlehanding modifications (all 100% reversible in a few minutes for one-design racing):

  • double-ended Vang and Cunningham controls led to both gunwales, for easy adjustability by the crew or by the skipper when sailing solo.
  • Dual, adjustable length extra-long tiller extensions with golf grips and ronstan universals for singlehanding from the wire, included with the boat.

    Tiller has dual ronstan universal sockets for mounting of either a single standard tiller extension (when sailing with crew) or dual extra-long extensions for sailing solo from the wire.

    Asymetrical Spinnaker modifications (also all 100% reversible):

  • Spinnaker halyard led to new masthead exit sheave, to fly 29er kite as a masthead spinnaker (standard kite on the Laser II is fractional).
  • adjustable (via tackles at the gunwales) cap shrouds made out of 1/8" vectran hi-tech line (to support mast when flying the masthead asymetrical spinnaker).
  • lightweight aluminum spreaders on cap shrouds.
  • All lines provided to support the spinnaker pole as a bowsprit when flying the asymetrical kite: Dyneema zero-stretch side stays, tack line.


  • Pacific brand 1000 lb capacity trailer in excellent condition, with custom supports to hold the boat at the gunwales (best way to support a Laser or Laser II, to keep the hull from ever going soft from bunk pressure).
  • bearing buddies
  • new wiring harness and new LED trailer lights (will never need replacement)
  • spare tire
  • mast crutch.
  • Trailer include custom supports which support the Laser II from the gunwales, eliminating all pressure on the hull which could lead to hull deformation/"oil canning" or soft spots.
  • Original trailer bunks also included in sale, if you ever want to convert the trailer back to standard bunks (original bunks in ok condition).

    Video of race with this Laser II in action

    Hi David:
    The buyer of my laser II has now picked up the boat, so you can mark it as "sold".
    As always, thanks very much for the wonderful service you provide with Sailingtexas.com.
    Are you racing Leukemia Cup this weekend? If so, see you there!
    Austin, Texas

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