8/6/06, early 1970's Chrysler Lone Star 13, Corpus Christi, Texas, asking $800, price reduced 8/17/06 to $600, sold 8/20/06

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early 1970's Chrysler Lone Star 13

  • Length: 13 ft.
  • Beam: 5 ft. 1 in.

    This is a unique boat. I purchased a very neglected Lone Star 13, cut the deck off, stripped it down to the bare hull, and rebuilt it so that it would be better suited to the generally choppy conditions of Corpus Christi Bay and so that future maintenance would be minimized. Changes also allow the boat to be rigged and launched more quickly than originally designed.

    There is no wood in the boat, no hull/deck connection (glassed as one piece), and chainplates, rudder, and other components have been redesigned so that metal fasteners which screw/bolt into the hull and deck have been eliminated.

    The curved bow not only looks better than the original design, but sheds spray better, assists in righting, allows for a large flotation chamber forward, and houses a tube for a retractable bowsprit. The sprit is included, but there is no asymmetrical spinnaker or other hardware for the sail (a spinnaker was not part of the original boat’s design). Main and jib are included and are fine for day sailing.

    The cockpit has been reconstructed so that seats are flush and have curved interior and exterior edges for more effective and more comfortable hiking. Floatation chambers have been added below the seats, two cup/can holders have been designed in, and main and jib sheet cleats have been located in the center of the boat where they can be adjusted more easily when hiked out.

    The boat uses the original, aluminum, lever-operated leeboards. Two Anderson-type bailers have been added. All reconstruction was made using WEST System epoxy, and many of the components were vacuum-bagged.

    The galvanized trailer is licensed, titled, and functional. The boat sits on a sled (made of pressure treated wood) which supports the boat well on the trailer and can be slid off so that the boat can be launched without immersing the trailer wheels in the water. Axle, wheels, hubs, tires, and springs were replaced when I got the boat and have never been immersed in water.

    The boat is simple to rig and to sail. The high, fine bow allows the small boat to handle chop well without pounding, and the boat surfs easily downwind in chop. I have had fun redesigning and sailing it, but have moved onto another project and would like to find a good home for this boat. Price is negotiable.

    I really appreciate your listing my modified Lone Star 13 on your site (LS 13 C ; http://www.sailingtexas.com/sls13c.html). It sold this afternoon to a gentleman who lives just down the street and who (like me) visits your site on a daily basis. Thank you for helping used boats find good homes.
    Corpus Christi, Texas

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    early 1970's Chrysler Lone Star 13

    early 1970's Chrysler Lone Star 13

    early 1970's Chrysler Lone Star 13

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