1975 Minifish, on Lake Travis Near 620 and Hudson Bend Road, Texas, $395, ad expired

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1975 Minifish

  • Made by AMF Alcort, the Minifish is a smaller version of the Sunfish (11' 9" vs 13' 10"). The Minifish has 65 square feet of sail compared to the Sunfish's 75 and uses the Sunfish's rudder and daggerboard but a shorter mast and spars. It weighs 75 - 80 pounds compared to the Sunfish at 130 - 140.
  • Nice sail from the C&C loft in Houston.
  • Refinished wooden daggerboard, rudder, tiller and tiller extension in nice condition.
  • The hull has had some repairs but these could be sanded down and made to look nice.
  • It weighs about 80 pounds so it is cartoppable or easily loaded in the back of a pickup. With its fiberglass construction and use of Sunfish parts, it will provide many years of use.
  • Ready to sail.
  • No trailer.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1975 Minifish sailboat

    1975 Minifish sailboat

    1975 Minifish sailboat

    1975 Minifish sailboat

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