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Nacra 5.0, 1983, Bellville, Texas, $1,400

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1983 Nacra 5.0 catamaran

  • 16' 8" long (as per the title)
  • Includes a fully battened main and jib. Both sails are in good condition.
  • All halyards and sheets were purchased two years ago and have been stored indoors.
  • All blocks and jam cleats are in excellent condition and have been kept indoors as well.
  • Trampoline was purchased two years ago, is still in good shape.
  • Most of the standing wire rigging has been replaced in the last year.
  • The hull has a fair number of scrapes and gouges, but there is nothing that would compromise their integrity. The hulls have NO SOFT SPOTS, absolutely NONE. Fiberglass work was done on the bottoms of both hulls last winter. The glass dripped down both hulls during the job, compromising the hulls cosmetic completeness. A simple paint job should cover up the drips if it really bugs you. Both hulls are completely dry.
  • The rudder assemblies are in good working order.
  • The mast has numerous scrapes across its surface but no corrosion is present. A plastic float is permanently fixed on the tip of the mast, preventing the boat from "turtling."
  • I have a full title and the tag's are good until June 2011.

    This boat has shallow, fixed keels, so there's no worrying about managing daggerboards. The boat draws very little water and will fit into shallow bays and lakes that the average monohull or daggerboard-equipped catamarran can't. She's a solid, fun, fast sailboat that can be solo sailed or carry up to four adults. This boat is ready to be trailered and sailed NOW.

    Trailer has two year old tires (less than 1K miles) and a full size, mounted spare. The trailer is road ready and has a clean title and up to date tags. Over-sized LED lights were installed last year and work spectacularly without any issues thanks to new wiring and wired ground. There is a small amount of corrosion on the trailer body, but nothing major. 1 7/8" ball required. This trailer is ready to go, no upgrades needed at all. It has a homemade/customized mast raising system that utilizes a hand crank and a welded A-frame that allow one person to raise the mast with ease. A homemade, PVC sail tube resides on the trailer, below the boat. A small padlock can be used to lock it shut.

    I just sold my Nacra yesterday. has fostered yet another boat transaction. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.
    Bellville, Texas

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    Nacra 5.0 sailboat

    Nacra 5.0 sailboat

    Nacra 5.0 sailboat

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