Oday Mariner 19, 1967, Detroit, Michigan, $700, sold 12/17/07

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1967 Oday Mariner 19

  • freshly painted green hull with new paint (and new non skid on deck as well) Looks sharp!! and was literally painted this season
  • Full set of older sails boom and mast complete
  • comes with well built trailer (in reasonable condition)
  • most of the blocks are included
  • cockpit cover included
  • interior v bunk freshly rebuilt
  • hull to deck joint has been professionally fiberglasses together boat is nicely stiff and solid!

    What this boat needs done

  • cockpit ribs and flooring have been removed and new ones are traced and some cut they need installing
  • deck hardware needs to be reinstalled
  • 1 bulkhead need replacement
  • missing the rudder new one would need to be cut or bought used

    Nice boat that I have done more of the restoration that I have finished about 85% through... I have a 2+2 now that I love and do not have time to finish this boat...

    Could be put together in about 2 full weekends of work... very solid boat sails well and is in nice overall shape... the paint etc looks great you could sail the boat without the interior in and restore over winter in your garage...

    note trailer is different then one in photos

    This boat is sold... thanks I will have my other mariner on the market in the spring... thanks for the listing its very appreciated
    Detroit, Michigan

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    Oday Mariner 19

    Oday Mariner 19

    Oday Mariner 19

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