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Paceship 17, 1971, Lewes, Delaware, $1,650, price reduced 10/19/09 to $1,375, sold 11/27/09

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1971 Paceship 17

  • Built in: Nova Scotia
  • Mfg. Hull Number: 156
  • Designers: Cuthbertson & Cassian
  • Length, overall: 17' 3
  • Length, waterline: 15' 6
  • Beam: 6' 11
  • Draft, board down: 4' 2"
  • Draft, board up: 9"
  • Displacement: 526 lb.
  • Sail area, sq ft: 134

    Nice boat for casual sailing in a lake, river, or my favorite - off Roosevelt Inlet at the mouth of the Delaware Bay. The boat's been somewhat customized by the addition of a downhaul and outhaul lines, topping lift, and especially, a mast hinge.

  • Navigation lights mounted left and right of the forward hand rails, a fold-up stern light, and a mast head light switched separately.
  • Tactical compass, also lighted.
  • Cuddy cabin lighting, in white and in red for night-vision (w/ switch).
  • Cockpit foot-lighting in red, too (w/ switch).
  • Flush-mount cockpit-wall speakers for MP-3 player use. Amplifier installed with 1/8" stereo plug just like headphones have, for your Ipod or other device.
  • Good solid floor in the cuddy area.
  • Shelves in the cuddy area, for easy access to your essentials.
  • Two sealed batteries - one 12-amp for lights/sound, and one 7-amp for bilge pump.
  • Bilge pump, with float-activated switch.
  • 400ma. solar panel for charging the batteries.
  • Two-year-old, excellent condition 3/8" double-braid lines on the main sheet and jib sheets.
  • All Harken blocks on main and jib sheet rigging.
  • Rigged in preparation for spinnaker use [chute and lines not included].
  • Swing-up engine mount, with gas strut assist for your outboard kicker.

    This boat has had a lot of restoration due to prior wood rot, etc. It has none of that currently, given that the work's barely two years old and is all salt-treated material. The cockpit floor being two sheets of fiberglass with a balsa wood core in between, was really soft and spongy when I came into this boat. We cut 1" holes through just the top floor surface, put muffin fans over the holes for weeks at a time that winter, and then tube-fed epoxy between the layers in and around those holes. We patch covered the access holes and gel-coated the deck. One has to really look for the repairs to see them and the floor's very good now except that it doesn't quite match the seat and gunwale shade of cream-white.

    There are two inspection hatches in the floor. One allows access to the centerboard pivot arm, for removal of same if necessary. The other was done due to rather aggressive water in the core, as mentioned. We also reinforced the area adjacent to that opening to better support our kicker, which sometimes rides in the boat from place to place.

    Regarding wood work - there is a keel-like piece of 1" wide by 5" to 8" tall wood that runs under the cuddy floor, from the centerboard trunk up to the bow. Two ribs shoot off from this athwart ship, under the area that the mast steps upon. Add a cuddy floor as we did, and you've got a lot of positive support for mast stresses. That's all polyurethaned on top and is attached to the inner hull surfaces the same way the manufacturer did with the original floor.

    The mast is not original, since I lost an argument with a power line at one public dock. The one I found is lighter & thinner, and has it's own diamond-shrouds to add stability in lieu of mass. The mast came pre-stressed slightly rearward by these shrouds and it offers good helm balance. I added spreaders, too, since some P-17's came with them and mine did not.

    The trailer is road-legal with Delaware title in my name. Steel, painted with rust-preventative "smoke gray" similar to machine-gray or Navy gray, with cherry red fenders and fully sealed LED tail/stop lights. The rig has Fulton bearing protectors (similar to "Bearing Buddies") and stainless-steel seal protectors on the inside, with 8 X 5.70 tires and spare all in very good shape. The tongue is long for the trailer length, which allows me to do a U-turn in tighter areas than I've been able to do so with previous rigs. I estimate the total package to be around 750-850 lbs, totally loaded up and provisioned for sea.

    Engine extra, Honda 2003 model BF-2D 4-stroke, long shaft, not included with boat and not sold separately

    Hi, David
    I sold my Paceship this week, parked out along the state highway at a friend's house. So, I suppose the ad can come down now or at least, be modified as unavailable etc.
    Thank you for your valuable service, as I'm sure the sailing community is grateful for your time as well.
    Lewes, Delaware

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    Paceship 17 sailboat

    Paceship 17 sailboat

    Paceship 17 sailboat

    Paceship 17 sailboat

    Paceship 17 sailboat

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