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Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, $3,500, Price reduced 7/30/10 to $2,800, Ad expired

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Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976

Well equipped

  • LOA 17'2"
  • Beam 6' 8"
  • Draft 8" - 4'3" centerboard down (although it's skimmed across turtle grass in 4" of water!)
  • Disp 750 lbs
  • 4 sails

  • Most of the boat is like new, with brand new topside and nonslip paint.
  • Brand new African padauk winch step, centerboard winch, and mahogany cabin door slides.
  • Brand new mainsheet traveller.
  • Brand new bimini top, jib sheet cars, turnbuckles, and cleats.
  • Extra turning blocks near aft end of gunwales for drifter sheets.
  • Comes with 4 sails! New-ish main, only 3 years old, seen water 3 times.
  • New-ish Rolly Tasker sail, same color as hull, small for heavier winds.
  • Used but very good North Sails racing genoa, this is my most used sail, generous roach.
  • Used but very good Drifter, huge sail for this boat, light cloth for light winds.
  • Rudder was completely hand formed out of butternut, works great, looks great, beautifully done. Lots of compliments on this one, quite a few people asked me to make one for them!
  • Interior painted top to bottom last month, flexible epoxy porch paint (checked for possibility of chipping, very durable)
  • Hull to deck joint redone last year, replaced all rivets with stainless steel machine screws, flatwashers, lockwashers, and nuts about 80%, replaced rivets with rivets where couldn't reach the back of the screws. Sealed with 3m 5200.
  • Hull was flipped completely 3 years ago, completely sanded, faired, 3 coats of interlux primer, 3 coats of medium blue from rail to keel, and 3 coats of dark blue on top of that for the bottom, and applied a red bootstripe.
  • Centerboard was removed, sandblasted, filled with epoxy, and painted with a durable epoxy. Still in great condition.
  • Front window that leaked was removed, the hole was filled with fiberglass, re-cut, and an opening hatch installed. Best mod I've done yet!
  • A new forestay was made, 3' longer, and located higher on the mast for use of the drifter.
  • Side stays replaced
  • New battery (1 month ago), new wiring, new electrical panel, new LED dome lights, new-ish bow light, stern light works.
  • All blocks, tackles, turnbuckles, pulleys, etc either ronstan or harken. New-ish boomvang, and boom kicker.
  • Bimini top

  • Motor! 2004 4 stroke 4hp Merc, works well, just replaced thermostat, oil changes often! Great condition, runs like a champ. No corrosion.
  • Motor mount, galvanized fixed motor mount extends motor away from boat 10", and down another 4. Added about 2 mph to motoring speed.
  • Boarding ladder, attached with backing plates, I'm 270 lbs, and it doesn't move.

    Trailer mods:

  • Changed axle 3 years ago to a 2000lb axle (original was 1500 lb)
  • Had axle made about a foot longer for better towing stability
  • Made fender mounts out of iron ibeam, can step on without them flexing.
  • New-ish fenders
  • spare and rim brand new
  • put 13" tires (instead of 12) for better bearing life.
  • New-ish hubs, bearings,
  • Kit full of bearings, new hub, etc for road troubles.
  • bearing buddies
  • new winch stand
  • winch works well, good cable
  • all lights work, goal posts with lights on top for nighttime launching
  • all wiring replaced with 10 gauge extension cord material for durability.
  • 2x8 pressure treated bunks with outdoor carpet.
  • All trailer hardware galvanized.
  • Leafsprings good, with some rust, but will make long distance trip. Would have replaced within 2 years.
  • All rollers fairly new, and work well.

    Safety gear included: all gear necessary to be legal in Florida coastal waters:

  • flare kit, storm whistle, 3 life jackets, bow and stern lines, throwable, 8 lb (I think) grapnel anchor in good condition, 10 feet of chain, 100 feet of anchor line.

    This boat has been a ton of fun, and I like to sail fast. People call it tender, but not once has this boat ever made me worry. I left the tiller in an inexperienced person's hands while I went forward, and she turned it away from the wind instead of into the wind, and she layed down nastily, but popped right back up. She WOULDN'T turtle! That gave me pure confidence in this boat!!!

    I've since had it in 20 mph winds gusting to 30 in the gulfstream, in 5 foot rollers and we simply hauled butt! Should have reefed, but where's the fun in that!

    I need a bigger boat, as I have a bad back, and the lack of a sliding hatch makes it harder for me to maneuver. The only thing missing is cabin cushions, but I have some chaise lounge cushions that have served me well (they're included in the sale)

    I'd consider selling without the engine, make an offer!

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976 sailboat

    Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976 sailboat

    Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976 sailboat

    Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976 sailboat

    Vandestadt MacGruer Siren 17, 1976 sailboat

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