1954 Snipe, Onancock, Virginia, $1,900, price reduced 6/19/05 to $1,700, sold 9/25/05

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1954? Snipe, #9320

  • Length overall: 15'6"
  • Length on waterline: 13'6"
  • Beam: 5'
  • Draft: 6" (board up), 3'3" (board down)
  • Weight: Approx. 500 lb (ready to sail)
  • Sail area: 128 sq. ft.
  • Materials
  • Boat: White cedar on oak (?) frames; plywood deck
  • Crosby? 1954?
  • Rudder: Spruce (?) with oak (?) tiller
  • Mast & boom: Aluminum (Bryant Spars)
  • Centerboard: Aluminum with cherry wood grip
  • Floorboards: Mahogany
  • Sails: Dacron main & jib (Shore Sails Midwest)
  • Finishes: Clear polyurethane on hull, rudder & tiller, spray rails, floorboards, and grip on centerboard; dark green on deck

    Additional Items:

  • Anchor with line
  • Various small parts and rigging components
  • Various booklets and literature
  • Shore Land trailer (1979); roller bunks; tires new in 1999


  • Boat takes on water slowly during sailing. Whether this is due to a problem with the hull or simply because it is stored dry and rarely sailed is unknown.
  • Trailer is very old and heavy; serviceable for occasional local transport, but not for frequent use or long, high-speed trips.

    Thanks Dave for the reminder. I did sell the boat about 3 weeks ago and forgot I still had the ad out there. You may cancel it or let it expire.
    I seem to recall that you accept donations to support your service. If that's still true, please let me know where I might send you a small contribution.
    Onancock, Virginia

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    1954 Snipe sailboat

    1954 Snipe sailboat

    1954 Snipe sailboat

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