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Windrider 10, 2002, Greenville, South Carolina, $700, SOLD 12/17/09

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2002 Windrider 10


  • Length 10' 11"
  • Beam 10' 6"
  • Weight 120 lbs
  • Mast height 19'
  • Sail area 52 sq.ft. Dacron
  • Draft 6"
  • Feet controlled kick-up rudder
  • 2 position adjustable seat
  • Single line control
  • Carbon fiber mast
  • Ronstan hardware
  • Polyethylene hulls

    Windrider 10 is fun for anyone at any age. A whisper can move it. A brisk wind will make you squeal with delight. A beginner can set it up in less than 10 minutes with no tools, hop in and sail away. And, more important, sail right back the first time out. Paddles easy if the wind dies down too.

    The boom is high enough that you don't have to worry about ducking when the sail changes sides. The sail has a single line control for one handed operation. It steers with foot pegs adjustable for any height or the passenger in front of you.

    I have had great times with my 8-year daughter sitting in front of me and letting her take complete control with no fear of turning over, getting hurt or losing her. Seeing her excitement has been priceless. My 70-year old father with no experience found it easy to master and a good platform for photography.

    The boat is ultra-stable and has plenty of room for extra gear. The main hull weighs just 70 pounds so it rides easily on most car tops. This boat and all its components are in excellent condition .

    My Windrider sold. I got many serious responses pretty quickly. Thank you for the use of your service.
    Greenville, South Carolina

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Windrider 10 sailboat

    Windrider 10 sailboat

    Windrider 10 sailboat

    Windrider 10 sailboat

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