3/27/06, 1971 Lido 14, San Antonio, Texas, $1,285, sold 4/19/06

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1971 Lido 14

  • LOA 13'11"
  • BEAM 6'
  • DRAFT Centerboard Up: 5"
  • DRAFT Centerboard Down: 4' 3"
  • DSPL 310 LBS
  • SA Main: 76 Sq Ft, Jib 35 Sq Ft
  • DESIGNERS-Barney Lehman and W.D. Schock

    This beautiful, stable, well made boat would be a perfect choice for a family with children or a pair of adults that are seeking a dry, safe boat that still can offer some thrills on a windy day or for someone looking for a boat to race on the Texas Centerboard circuit. Lido 14's are also easy to sail single handed and make an excellent choice for a first sailboat. The wide beam and rounded chines offer great ultimate stability. The hull and foils are all fair (smooth). The main and jib sails are both in good condition and still retain some crispness. The rudder and tiller have been stripped and refinished with good quality spar varnish. The hull and topsides were refinished with West polyurethane last year. This boat is bright and shiny throughout and makes a great appearance on the lake or in your driveway. This class is still in production; parts and sails are readily available from W.D. Schock. New Lido 14's start at $5000 w/o trailer. There is an active Lido 14 Class Association. In Texas, sailboats shorter than 14 do not require titles or registration. The tilt trailer was recently sanded, primed and refinished with good quality enamel. A new rear hull support was custom made to cradle the stern. The bearings have been re-packed and the lights work. The tires are new. The coupler requires a 1 7/8" inch ball.

    Hi David,
    Please mark this boat as "sold". Your site not only sold my boat , but I also met and corresponded with some great people in the process,
    San Antonio, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1971 Lido 14 sailboat

    1971 Lido 14 sailboat

    1971 Lido 14 sailboat

    1971 Lido 14 sailboat

    1971 Lido 14 sailboat

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