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Funeral Postponement Party

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Purpose: My purpose in making these pages is to help people. My hope is that seeing how brain surgery can go in the year 2009 will ease minds and give some hope and comfort.

This is the personal experience of David Luckenbach, diagnosed with brain and lung cancer in May 2009. A sailing instructor who smoked and drank, and almost died, saved by friends and angels and given another chance. Odd fellow I am, always ready to help other people, and neglected myself.

To call a party a "funeral postponement" did seem a little odd to me, but it also seemed to fit, so that's what I called it. The doctors made sure I knew that I was lucky to survive, and I'm glad they waited until after the operation to let me know. They then told me that the pressure in my skull could have totally shut off spinal fluid flow, and that would have been it for me. So indeed, my funeral was postponed, and I felt like celebrating!

I promised not to light a fire until noon, and let everyone bring what they wanted. We brought the spare BBQ pit onto the deck, and I spent all afternoon grilling venison sausage and serving it. We didn't count how many links I cooked, and at the end of the day we had none left!

People brought other food to grill, and my son in law Benny manned the second pit. Johnny brought some venison burgers, Pat some sweet potatoes, and so many others brought food that after the fire burned out in pit #1 I reloaded and started it again.
The sausage is a secret receipe made by our deer processor, yet another David. It's the only thing I order, so I look forward to every winter. While I don't hunt, some of my brothers hunt to control and improve the deer herd, and if I'm lucky they harvest one for Alison and me. Grass fed meat, poultry and eggs has CLA, which is said to fight 3 stages of cancer. I've watched, and the deer do eat some grass even though they prefer to browse the brush. I've heard CLA is not present or at a low level in grain fed meat.
My father and Loraine came, and many other people. Some people had been out of state and I hadn't seen in years, so it was a bit of a reunion too.
Two of my brothers were out of state and Larry had to work, but Michael and Johnny were here. This is Johnny, who took many of these photos. He's a very good photographer, among many other things.
My daughter Sarah and Benny brought my three grandkids, this is Clare who makes the hula hoop look so easy.
The grandsons Matthew and Ryan had a good time, and they were everywhere.
Holli was one I hadn't seen in years, she had been working up north. She had just arrived back in Texas about a week before, lucky me.
Scott and Anna Payne with son Marshall and Anna's father Bill were here. Bill recently had surgery on his optic nerve, which he told me saved him from going blind. Modern medicine is indeed performing miracles.
And of course my daughter Sarah and Ryan. It was a special party, a celebration of life and more. It was a good day.
Of course the front yard had some other guests, Alison and Devon got to feel the new velvet on the antlers.

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