Travel about England with David and Alison, Windsor Castle

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Quick tour of the castle, click play triangle twice.

We rode the train to Windsor to see the castle. The trains are great in England, fast and frequent for sure, and you don't have to park a car when you get there. Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world, and it is large! The video at left starts outside, then in to St. George's Chapel (sorry, photos weren't allowed inside), then a walk around, ending with the garden below the Round Tower.

Round Tower of Windsor Castle, England

Built by William the Conqueror in the 1070's, Windsor Castle is still in the same spot. Henry the II rebuilt the outer walls of the Upper and most of the Lower Ward, and the Royal apartments in the Upper Ward, out of stone instead of wood about 100 years later. This is looking up at the Round Tower from the Lower Ward. When the queen is here she flies the flag about the Round Tower, so you can see she was here when we visited. We didn't get to see her, darn it.

The garden shown in the last bit of the video is right on the other side of that wall in the center of the picture.

Windsor Castle garden

Here's part of that garden behind the wall.

St. Georges Chapel and Hall

Edward III, who was born at Windsor, created St. George's Hall, and St. George's Chapel was started by Edward IV and completed by Henry VIII. The interior was very impressive, the rock work incredible. Over 500 years old and it all looks great. Ten British monarchs are buried in the chapel.

The north garden.

A nice couple asked us to take their picture, so I asked them to take ours. This is the north end of the castle, I think, better seen in the next photo.

The Carpenter Arms at the end of Queen Charlotte Street We stopped at The Carpenters Arms for lunch outside the castle, built around 1518. Good food and a wide selection of refreshment. This picture is looking down Queen Charlotte Street, the shortest street in England at 51 feet 10 inches. On the right of the street is the Crooked House, which is really crooked. Apparantly it has been leaning for so long the windows have all been replaced, because they are paralelograms instead of rectangles.
View of Windsor Castle from the Thames River We took a short walk down to the Thames River and looked for a boat ride to London, but all we found was river trips at Windsor. We took a Thames river trip from one lock upstream to the next and back.

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