6/13/09, Clipper Marine 21, 1971, Austin, Texas, $1,500, price reduced 7/12/09 to $1,425, sold 7/30/09

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1971 Clipper Marine 21

  • LOA 20' 10 1/2"
  • LWL 17'10"
  • Beam 7'3"
  • Draft 4'4" keel down, 6 1/2" keel up
  • Ballast 480 lb. cast iron keel
  • Disp. 1650 lbs
  • Sail Area 182 sq.ft.

    Dave found this 1971 Clipper Marine 21 in a barn, where it had been stored for 21 years. Because it had been stored inside, there was almost no deterioration except for a rotted plywood floor in the cabin. All the original blocks and cleats work fine, sails in good shape, and the motor runs (although we didn't take the motor with us for this test sail).

    I was impressed with how this boat sailed. It was very stable and not slow, even in light wind the boat moved well, partly because the cabin is very low and the boat does not have a lot of freeboard. I could reach the water while sitting in the cockpit, although just. The cockpit was comfortable and very large. The low cabin made it easy to go forward to the mast or bow, but it gives you little headroom in the cabin.

    The swing keel raises most of the way into the hull with a stout winch located just inside the companionway. The 480 pound keel made the boat very stable. The winch was difficult to release to lower the keel, perhaps we missed something, but we had to hold the keeper away with one hand while lowering with the other.

    Very easy to launch because this boat draws very little water. We did have to wait to mount the rudder until the boat was in the water, but the wood rudder and tiller made this easy, and it does float.

    A handy lazerette on the port side of the cockpit had a box for tools and other things to keep handy, and a builtin motor mount on starboard is the perfect place for a small icechest if you leave the motor at home.

    All the original blocks, mainsheet cam cleat, and even the winches were made of that fiber material that was common around 1970 and in excellent condition. All in all, a good boat that I wouldn't mind owning myself.

    Boat is gone.
    Sold to a guy who lives near Lake Chapala in Mexico
    It was a 17 hour drive for him and his buddy to come up here.
    Paid cash of course.
    Austin, Texas

    Clipper Marine 21 Brochure

    This video was taken with the Panasonic PV-GS35

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    Clipper Marine 21

    Clipper Marine 21

    Clipper Marine 21