Friendly 11 point whitetail buck, fall 2006

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These are all wild deer, they are not fenced in but in these vidoes they are in a no hunting zone of Llano County, Texas. Taken in mid September, the deer have just lost their velvet and are showing signs of more agressiveness.

I've seen this 11 point whitetail buck many times, and this September 2006 morning he decided to come try out some Record Rack deer pellets when I just happened to have my camera in hand. You need the Flash plugin to see the video, click the play triangle (maybe twice) to start the video. 4 MB Broadband

The second video is him and another buck trying out their new horns. They have just lost their velvet a week ago.

The third video is just of the herd milling about, several nice racks.

The fourth video is a couple of young bucks practicing with their new horns, one Alison has named Dancer, a very friendly 3 pointer.

This video was taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2. A $200 camera designed mainly for still photography, it will take a 30 minute 30 frames/second video with sound if you have the 1 Gig memory card.

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^^Play triangle, 11 pointer whitetail, 4MB

^^Play triangle, 11 pointer and another buck, hornplay, 3MB

^^Play triangle, the herd milling about. One has a unique, very tall rack. 6MB

^^Play triangle, Dancer, a young whitetail 3 pointer, practices with his new horns. Dancer is one of the few fearless bucks that will approach you even when you have no food. 7MB