Standing in the middle of a whitetail deer herd in the middle of rut, November 20, 2006

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In the middle of this I started thinking I was a bit crazy, to put myself in danger like this, but I got away with it, this time. It's the middle of rut and hunting season and the whitetail deer are a bit touchy to say the least. We feed the deer, special Record Rack deer feed with vitamins and minerals, and some corn, so even though they're wild deer and not contained they have gotten somewhat used to us, sometimes. The bucks eyes are kinda red, Alison says, and they look at me oddly. I'm never sure if they will charge me or not, and often my heart skips a beat under their stare, on days like today when I'm in the middle of their does. The does can get pretty uppity too this time of year, as you'll see.

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