Whitetail bucks, Llano County, Texas, post velvet horns but before rut, practicing with their new horns, September 26, 2006

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I wandered out back this morning and found several bucks. A 6 point and another decided to try out their new horns, they just lost the velvet about two weeks ago. Pretty unusual morning, about 7 am, I haven't seen the bucks in several days, then many of them showed up this morning. For those of you that use a couple of horns to attract a buck, this may help you imitate some actual horn sounds. You need the Flash plugin to see the video, click the play triangle (maybe twice) to start the video. 4 MB Broadband

The second video is a 7 pointer, with tall but a non symetrical rack. He and the 11 pointer I call the "head honcho" seem to be about equals.

The third video is a deer I call "Curly". He has a nice 8 point rack this year, but both front tines curve in a bit more than usual. I don't see him often.

The fourth video is a couple of young bucks practicing with their new horns, one Alison has named Dancer, a very friendly 3 pointer.

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^^Play triangle, jousting with the new horns, 24MB

^^Play triangle, the big 7 pointer, 4MB

^^Play triangle, Curly, a very attractive rack whose two front tines both turn in a bit, 2MB

^^Play triangle, Nicki is probably the friendliest of the does, and has no fear of computers. Here she's helping me put a new sailboat ad online. 5MB