West shore of Inks Lake, Camp Longhorn

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Sailing downstream we came to Camp Longhorn and explore the cove just north of the dam, spotting a couple more Blue Herons.

Passing Camp Longhorn we spotted this bus, er, or is it a boat? The camp looks like a lot of fun for kids, seems they have everything for a great time at the lake.
Camp Longhorn

West shore of Inks Lake Video, 10.2 MB
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We skirted the Inks Lake Dam to get a look at the Colorado river downstream. The water wasn't running over the dam, and we could hear the turbine running, so they were using all the water flow to generate electricity. Inks Lake Dam

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2. From the Devils Waterhole to the Hwy 29 Bridge.

3. The west shore, across the lake from the state park, Camp Longhorn to the dam.

4. The southeastern shore of the state park.

5. The grandkids first sail.

Pictures and video taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2.

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