How to tie the Double Half hitch

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The double half hitch is used to tie a loop that will slip in the end of a line. Unlike the bowline, which will not slip, the double half hitch forms a loop that will tighten when pulled on. It is an easy knot to tie and untie, and is useful for making the end of the line fast to something you can get the line around or through. Useful at times to tie your boat to a ring or post, and to tie the end of a line to many things. I don't find it as secure as a bowline, but handy nonetheless.

To tie the double half hitch, pass the line around something and tie a half hitch around the standing part of the line, and then in the same direction tie another half hitch. If you tie the second half hitch in the opposite direction as the first, you will have two half hitches, but not a Double Half hitch.

This video was taken with the Panasonic PV-GS35

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