Lake Somerville, Texas

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Driving across the Lake Somerville dam.

Lake Somerville Map

Lake Somerville Satellite Image

Completed in 1967 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Somerville controls flooding on Yegua Creek. With about 30,000 acres of water there's plenty of room. The Brazos Sailing Club of Texas A&M meets here. The normal elevation is 238 feet above sea level, it was about 3 1/2 feet low when we were there in mid October, 2006. We rented a cabin at Overlook Park, which is privately owned and has a marina with docks. The cabin was pretty rough but had a great view of the lake from the small deck.

Lake Somerville has 7 parks. Two are the Birch Creek and Nails Creek areas of the Lake Somerville State park, we liked the Birch Creek area the best of all the parks. Three are Corps of Engineer parks, and two are private.

Starting on the south side of the lake we began at Nails Creek and went all around the lake. Lake Somerville is located on the Yegua Creek in the south central part of Burleson County and the north central part of Washington County, with the upper reaches of the lake extending into Lee County.

Yegua Creek below the dam

Select a park for more information:

Lake Somerville State Park

  • Birch Creek area of Lake Somerville State Park
  • Nails Creek area of Lake Somerville State Park

    Corps of Engineer Parks

  • Rocky Creek Park, Corps of Engineers
  • Yegua Creek Park, Corps of Engineers

    Private Parks on Lake Somerville

  • Big Creek Park, Private
  • Overlook Park, Private
  • Welch Park, Private


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