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From Pegosa Springs we took Hwy 160 to cross the continental divide at Wolf Creek pass, elevation 10,800 feet, high in the San Juan Mountains. Leaving the divide, we noticed a gravel road leading up to the left, with a sign saying Lobo Outlook. Looked interesting, and I did consider disconnecting the boat from the Toyota motorhome for the climb. I wish I had. Twice on this dirt/gravel road I had the pedal to the metal in first gear, and it would not speed up. We made it, barely, in late July. Next time I want 4 wheel drive and NOT pulling the boat. You won't find much of the Lobo Lookout on the web, most people don't go up there. I guess the pass is high enough, and it is best to get down before it snows.

We saw two deer at about 11,500 feet, see the video.

The view from Lobo Outlook is great, you have to look a long way to see a peak any higher, and I'm not at all sure any were higher. The rain obtructed the view a little, but it was worth it. Lobo Outlook is at 11,740 feet by our GPS, and we should have camped right there, two miles higher than where we live. No facilities, but what a view! It was cold, even mid afternoon in late July, so we reluctantly went down to Big Meadows Campground which was very nice, at only 9,500 feet.

Coming down the dirt road from Lobo was first gear all the way, trying to take it easy on the brakes. Going down the east side from Wolf Creek Pass, we stopped at Big Meadows Reservoir, took the 3 mile or so drive up to Shaw Lake, then stayed at Big Meadows campground for the night.

This video was taken with the Panasonic PV-GS35

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