Raising the jib on the Flying Scot video

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This video is interesting because during the entire video the boat steered itself, and you can see we were moving quite well in the 15 mph wind. Deiter attached and raised the jib while I filmed. When he went up on the bow, I followed, there was no one in the cockpit.

Raising the jib on the Flying Scot is a little different than most boats because the halyard is a steel cable. The halyard winches on the Flying Scot are mounted on the mast, and operated with a removable cast aluminum or stainless steel winch handle. Also, you should never leave the winch handle in the winch, it falls out and goes overboard all too easily!

Routing the jib sheets through their blocks first and putting figure 8's in the ends is a good idea, then they don't blow into the water when you raise the jib.

Next he releases the tension on the jib halyard, by tightening the winch until the latch releases.

Taking the jib onto the deck, he unfastens the jib halyard from the tack shackle and attaches the tack of the jib to the tack shackle. Clipping the hanks on one at a time as he unrolls the jib, he then fastens the halyard shackle to the head of the jib, making sure the halyard is not wrapped around the forestay.

Back in the cockpit, he winches the jib up tightly while holding his glove over the halyard where it exits the mast. Since we were almost out of lake, he releases the rudder and tacks.

You need the Flash plugin to see the video, click the play button to start the video.

This video was taken with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2. A $200 camera designed mainly for still photography, it will take a 30 minute 30 frames/second video with sound if you have the 1 Gig memory card.

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Click the play arrow (maybe twice) to see Dieter raise the jib for his first time as we sail across Lake LBJ. He has already set the Flying Scot to sail a reach by herself in a 15 mph wind. See How to set the Flying Scot to sail a reach for how this is done.