A rock floor laid to follow the contour of the ground around our house

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Our back "porch" was just plastic covered with paving gravel. Not very comfy when barefooted and it was a lousy floor. We have some drain pipes and the old septic tank under this, so we didn't want to pour a permanent concrete floor, and it wasn't level. We decided to try just laying rocks to even out the floor and not cement them in, in case we needed to get to the pipes and septic tank later. We are tracking in a lot less dirt now!

The ground on the northwest side of our house is a bit high, and the runoff when it rained was carrying dirt over next to the house and starting to even get on the siding. We dug out the extra dirt so the water would flow away from the house, and I started extending the new rock porch out to solidify the drainage.

We were still tracking in some dirt from in front of the house, so Alison got me to move up there and start another patio to walk on from the driveway to the house. We'll eventually join up the two areas. It is amazing how long it takes to do this, and how sore my muscles get. Rocks are heavy.

This video was taken with the Panasonic GS 35

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video of rock floor