South Padre Island video, Port Isabelle, Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico

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Alison and I took a quick trip to South Padre for an offshore race hosted by the Laguna Madre Yacht Club. Nice group of sailors, and we got a berth on Ben's Catalina 42 for the race. Unfortunately, Alison got a bit of food poisoning and after a miserable night was in no shape to sail so we headed for home. These videos were the day before the race, January 12, 2007. Clips of Alison on the South Padre beach, a brown pelican I found in Port Isabelle, and at the far north end of Park Road 100 on South Padre Island.

We found South Padre a bit tacky, but warmer than home. Friendly people and we had a good time. The beach goes on for miles, the Laguna Madre is so big I could not see all the way across.

Port Isabelle was more my style, and I wish we'd had time to explore it more. The Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge, which connects Port Isabelle to South Padre Island, is a nice drive across the Laguna Madre, which is in the last video.

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Sailing a Hobie Getaway on Laguna Madre

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South Padre Satellite View

This video was taken with the Panasonic PV_GS35

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For those who scroll down this far, here's a boring video of driving across the Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge, which connects Port Isabelle and South Padre Island, 21 MB
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