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This is the first time I was able to put a video on the website, 1/21/06. I was out with Jody today, and this movie is just feeding the cows in the middle pasture. We're in the middle of a drought, or hopefully at the end of it, so the land is very dry, there is virtually no grass, so we have to feed the cows daily. We're in the middle of Texas, right under the X.

I still have a lot to learn! To see this movie you MUST have the new Quicktime 7 on your computer, because it uses the new H.264 standard. This was processed at the Broadband low setting but with the size changed to 320 X 324, the same size as the Panasonic LZ2 takes with an extra 24 pixels or height for the player controls. File size is 1.6 Megabytes, the original movie file was 69 Megabytes so Quicktime Pro 7 does a fine compressing job.

You MUST have Quicktime 7 for this video to show, if you don't See the version with the self-contained player

If you're on dialup, you may have to wait to see the whole clip. It's a 2 minute 25 second clip, file size 1.6 MB, 10fps, Broadband low, H.264 compression.

Also see the same movie, same file size, but 15fps

There seems to be a lot of information on the net about how to use Quicktime Pro 7 and how to display videos on a website, but it can be hard to find. Some of it is from years past and out of date, but the information is there.

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