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I was trying to get Odie to walk across the barnyard so I could have a little action test, he wasn't co-operating. I guess Sonny heard me and decided to show Odie how it's done. 277KB, the file is only 25KB larger with the player built in. This is for people without the Quicktime 7 player. It "should" start when you click the start triangle, but it doesn't. I'm getting an error that necessary parts or missing, so there is something I didn't do right. EVERYTHING must be included in the file, and I've seen a way to do this I think, but will have to look for it later as I must go sailing today.

Broadband Medium, 15fps, file size 6.9 megs reduced to 277K. Data rate is now set to 120. Size is 320X240.

Making a movie with a self contained player is easy, but there is a step missing to this method!
Open your movie, Click File, then Export, select speed at the bottom, then Options. In the bottom box select Hinted Streaming so the Settings button is activated, then click on Settings. Make sure the Make Movie Self-Contained is checked and click on OK. Choose any other settings you want to and Save.

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