Quicktime Pro 7
displaying movies on the net

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First upload the movie to your server.

Quicktime 7 makes it easy, you use the embed command in html, like this:

Put this line of html code in your webpage where you want the movie to appear,

<EMBED SRC="Sample.mov" HEIGHT=120 WIDTH=160>

Replace "Sample.mov" with the name of your new movie file. The HEIGHT is required. If you want the player controls to be visible add 24 to the height of your movie.

Controller and Autoplay are optional, you can set them = to true or false.

The movie should play or be displayed when the page is opened. The autoplay default is true, if you want the page itself to load faster and let the user start the movie when they want to, set autoplay=false. If you set controller and autoplay both to false, the user won't be able to start the movie!

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There are many more controls, to be covered later. Try changing one thing and export it again to see what happens, sometimes changing one thing also changes another, or allows more options to appear. It's really quite complex.

Quicktime Pro 7 index

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