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Here's a piece of an 84 domino game. Played with two teams of 3 players and two sets of dominoes, 84 is lot's of fun. It tends to make you laugh.

This was my first attempt at editing! Using those little markers below the position indicator to pick a section of the movie, then Edit, Cut (I guess I could've used Copy) I copied pieces of the original movie. With File, New Player I opened a new player without a file and with Edit, Paste I pasted the pieces together. It's not hard to see where the film jumps ahead.

Click on the play triangle to start, if you're on dialup it's better to wait until the movie is loaded. It's a 3 minute 21 second clip, 99MB file size reduced to 3.54 MB, 15fps, Broadband Medium with Data rate reduced to 120, the sound changed to mono and sound bitrate increased, H.264 compression.

I was getting a lot of sound quality loss with the Broadband Low settings, and changing to Broadband Medium with a higher sound bitrate really seems to help. The 15fps of Broadband Medium makes the video smoother.

Seems like I'm learning a bit with each Export, some don't work very well as I try different things. I'm trying to get a small file size first, so I can put the vidoes on the internet, and of course the video and sound quality goes down with a smaller file size, so small file size and good quality aren't so easy to obtain but are possible to an extent. Starting with Broadband Medium and then reducing the data rate isn't bad. Next: A movie for a video capable cell phone? Under test now.

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