I got disgusted with Quicktime Pro 7 for Windows. It crashes, a LOT. Copying and pasting portions of a video doesn't always work, and processing the video to MPEG 4 is slow as dirt. I would have to get it started on my computer and go do something else for 6 to 8 hours while it processed a ONE MINUTE video. I know my computer is old and slow, but that's rediculous.

So Alison and I started looking around, and we found a program that will convert AVI files to Flash. Problem with that was Quicktime Pro 7 only converts MOV files to ONE form of AVI, and that form is incompatible with the AVI to Flash program! We had to use Quicktime 6 to convert to Cinepak AVI first, a real pain since I don't have QT6 on my computer. Had to move the files to Alison's where she has QT6. I finally tried Bink, which will convert the files to Cinepak AVI, here's the result, which while you will need the Flash plug in to see, it is much more likely a web user will have the Flash Plugin than Quicktime 7 and the files are smaller.

Click here to see the Sailing Texas Truck video Flash version.

We used Flash for a while, but going through more than one conversion caused a drop in quality. We tried using Windows Movie Maker to convert the mov file to wmv, but since the camera was compressing the movie to mov to start with we found that using this mov file and converting so another compressed format made it impossible to get really good quality. Finally we bought a miniDV tape drive camcorder that saves the files in an uncompressed avi file. Finally we had good quality, and by buying Magix Movie Edit Pro we could work with the huge avi files to edit a good video and convert it to wmv to get good quality video. I'd like to use Flash instead, and may switch when Flash 9 is working and I have the money to buy the expensive program to use it.