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Making videos about sailing and putting them on the web has been one of my dreams for a long time. With Alison's help, we are having success. This collection includes videos from back when we first started filming, and there are several variation on the format as we tried different things to get qood quality. Some are .mov files and require you to have Quicktime 7 installed, some are Flash and require you to have the latest Flash plugin (and you may have to click twice to start them), later videos are .wmv and use Windows Media Player for best results. Older videos are 320X240, but since we bought the new camera we can put 640X480 videos online that look very good, like the Sailing Medina Lake page. We look forward to doing more high quality videos, and keeping the smaller versions for dialup users.

If you have been injured on a sailboat, make sure you speak a Texas personal injury attorney who can assist you. Contact Stephens Law for immediate assistance.

There are a few videos from sailboat races, also on the Texas Regattas page, but as I'm usually racing myself while taking these videos it's not the normal stuff you see on the net, more just bits and pieces of the regattas.

Alison and I both enjoy many other things, so we have several videos unrelated to sailing lower down the page.

Please see "How to" section

Please see "How to raise the mast on a Flying Scot"

How to tack the Flying Scot, May 6/7, 2006 class, 5 videos, from 1.4 to 2.4 MB

How to sail videos

How to tack the Flying Scot, May 6/7, 2006 class, 5 videos, from 1.4 to 2.4 MB

Tacking the Flying Scot in light wind, June 2006, 4 MB

Tacking the Flying Scot singlehanded in high wind, with the jib, October 2006, 2.5 MB

How to set a sailboat to hold a course, or using the wind to steer, October 2006, 19 MB

How to raise the jib on a Flying Scot, October 2006, 21 MB

How to tack a Hobie catamaran, October 2006, 1.1 MB

How to rig a Laser Pro, July 2007, 8 and 36 MB

Other Sailing Videos

Viper 640 videos from the demo day, Jan 17, 2009

Lake Boerne, Texas sail, Nov 2008

2008 Wurstfest Centerboard Regatta, Lake Canyon Yacht Club

2008 Little Brown Jug race, Stillhouse Hollow, October 25, 25 MB

Sailing an 11metreOneDesign on Lake Travis, March 21, 2008

Bridge Too Far race, Stillhouse Hollow Lake, March 15, 2008

Lake Corpus Christi and Lake Corpus Christi State Park, February 2008

Clipper 21 on Lake LBJ, November, 2007, 3.2 and 15 MB

Little Brown Jug race, Stillhouse Hollow, October, 2007, 13 and 51 MB

Sail Elephant Butte reservoir, New Mexico, July, 2007, 5 and 28 MB

Heron Lake, New Mexico Video, July 2007

Hobie Kayak homemade sailkit, May 2007

Austin Yacht Club Spring Distance Race

Vanguard Pram, April 2007

Sea Swinger, a blast from the past!, April 2007

Lake Travis from Mile 6 to Mile 25, March 31, 2007

2006 Flying Scot rudder mod to stop mainsheet hanging up, April 12, 2007

Hobie Island video, March 30, 2007

2007 Bridge Too Far race, March 24, 2007

Lake Marble Falls, March 2007

2006 Flying Scot video, February 2007

Short visit to South Padre Island, January 2007

How to repack your trailer bearings

How to raise your trailer without a jack, 5 or 30 MB, 2007

Sailing Medina Lake, Texas, 17 or 100 MB, Dec 16, 2006

Irwin 30 on Medina Lake, Texas, 4.8 or 17.8 MB, Dec 16, 2006

Oday Daysailer II on Medina Lake, Texas, 2.8 or 10.4 MB, Dec 16, 2006

Bedding a pintle on the Flying Scot rudderhead, 11 or 39 MB, Dec 15, 2006

Sailing Inks Lake, Dec 2006

Viper 830, 2 MB, Nov 2006

2006 Wurstfest Regatta video, 23 or 42 MB, Nov 2006

How to replace the main halyard on a Flying Scot, 20 MB, Oct 2006

2006 KA Bladerider, the fastest monohull?, 7 MB

A short video of sailing the Flying Scot, on Lake LBJ, October 2006, 2 MB

Catalina Expo 12.5, on Lake LBJ, October 2006, 10.2 MB

Flying the Hobie 14!, flying a pontoon on Lake LBJ, October 2006, 5.7 MB

Hobie 16, a short video on Lake LBJ, October 2006, 2 MB

Catalina 28, a short video right at sunset, October 2006, 3.6 MB

Catalina 250, a short flyby after sunset, October 2006, 2 MB

A couple of short clips from the 2006 H.O.T. Regatta on Stillhouse Hollow September 9/10, 5 MB

Touring Applehead Island, Horseshoe Bay, Lake LBJ, Texas. July 2006, 6.2 and 33 MB

Rhodes 22 sailing video, June 2006, 14 MB, and a full moon sail on October 9, 11 MB

Hobie Mirage Outback kayak CAN sail upwind, June 2006, 9 MB

How to assemble the Hobie Getaway

Assembling the Hobie Wave, May 2006, 2 videos of 4 MB

Rigging and launching a Hobie Getaway on Laguna Madre, far south Texas coast, May 2006, 4 MB

Sailing fast upwind on a J/24, Lake Travis, Feb 6, 2006, 4 MB

Capri 22 sailing on Lake LBJ, May 21, 2006, 1.5 MB

J/24 Midwinters, Tampa Bay, Florida, second race day, 2/24/06, 3.2 MB

Sailing a ComPac 16 on Lake LBJ, Texas, 5/3/06, 3.2 MB

Easter Laser Regatta 2006, rounding windward mark, lap 2 race 7, Lake Travis, 1.08 MB

Easter Laser Regatta 2006, righting a Laser, race 1, Lake Travis, 0.5 MB

Easter Laser Regatta 2006, another righting a Laser, race 8, Lake Travis, 0.6 MB

Easter Laser Regatta 2006, Rounding the Jibe mark, second lap of race 1, Lake Travis, 3.5 MB

Tacking a Flying Scot, Canyon Lake, Jan. 2006, 2.3 MB

Broaching a J/24, Lake Travis, Feb. 2006, 1 MB

The Sailing Texas Truck, 3.8 MB

Easter Laser Regatta 2006, start of race 2, Lake Travis, 2.7 MB

Easter Laser Regatta 2006, jibing at the leeward mark, race 2, Lake Travis, 0.6 MB

And Other videos

Whitetail deer videos

Marble Falls Rodeo 2009, July 17

Enchanted Rock, April 19, 2008

Coleto Creek Reservior and Park, February 2008

Choke Canyon Reservior and State Park, February 2008

Blanco State Park, September 2007

Drive over Wolf Creek Pass, see Treasure Falls, Big Meadows Reservoir, Shaw Lake, and Cascade Falls along with a side trip to Lobo Lookout, July, 2007

Drive up to Lobo Lookout, Colorado at 11,700 feet, July 26, 2007, 9 and 46 MB

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, March 19, 2007, 45 and 160 MB

Lake Texana State Park, March 2007, 41 and 129 MB

Tom's house, March 2007, 59 MB

Putting in an outside rock floor, Feb 2007, 30 MB

Egyptian Goose, Inks Lake, Burnet county, Texas, Dec 4, 2006, 11 MB

Wild Turkeys, Llano county, Texas, Nov 28, 2006 8.5 MB

Kiteboard crash, Lake LBJ, Texas, 1.1 MB

Blue Heron video on Sandy Creek, Lake LBJ, Texas, 2.6 MB

Raising the roof at Johnny and Tami's house, 17 MB

October 2006 visit to Lake Somerville

August 2006 visit to England

Raising the roof at Johnny and Tami's house, 17 MB

Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Fountain, two videos, each 6 MB

Working at the Hook and Tackle Bar in Reading, England, 2.5 MB

Narrow boats going through the Hanham Lock on the Kennet river in Reading, England, 12 MB

Austin Veloway, May 2006, 28 MB

At the bird feeder in our backyard in Austin

Our birdfeeders, Austin, Texas, April 2006, 1.5 MB

Painted Bunting, Austin, Texas, May 1, 2006, two videos, 1.3 and 1.5 MB

Cardinal, Austin, Texas, May 1, 2006, 3 MB
See more bird videos and much more on Alison's website, Music 4 Musicians

More videos coming!