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We live in central Texas, in what you could call whitetail deer country. The deer have lived here a long long time, and the ranchers reducing the population of predators has helped the deer population grow. In our subdivision which borders open ranchland, the whitetails often come by. During droughts some people feed them a little, especially when the does are nursing new fawns. Occasionally we film a whitetail deer video and put them online. I hope you enjoy them.

Whitetail deer videos

Having whitetail deer for breakfast, as guests, 23 MB

Bucks gathered under the big oak tree, 8/7/09

Five whitetail fawns a week or two old, July 29, 2008

Lucy and Mike came for a visit, and met the deer, April 20, 2008

12 point Whitetail Buck up close, July 23, 2007, 1 or 8 MB

Whitetail Deer up close, July 20, 2007, 4 or 15 MB

Whitetail bucks in velvet, July 7, 2007, 1 or 5 MB

Christmas Day, 2006, 10 MB

Teaching deer to sail, Lesson 1, Dec 5, 2006. 1.5 MB

Teaching deer to sail, Lesson 2, the figure 8, Dec 11, 2006. 6 MB

I'm blessed, November 20, 2006. 25 MB

Whitetail deer mating, November 7, 2006. 11 MB

Whitetail bucks, closeup, October 18, 2006. 16 MB

Two big Whitetail deer during rut, October 12, 2006. 10.5MB

Whitetail deer, September 26, 2006. Video of bucks jousting with their new antlers, and a few others.

Whitetail deer, taken late September 2006. Nice video of the 11 point buck having a snack.

Whitetail deer, taken mid September 2006. The bucks have started testing their new antlers, just lost their velvet last week.

The weirdest deer blind I've ever seen, winter 2005/6, 4 MB

Other nature videos

We saw two non-whitetail deer on our Drive up to Lobo Lookout, Colorado at 11,700 feet, July 26, 2007, 9 and 46 MB

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, March 19, 2007, 45 and 160 MB

Lake Texana State Park, March 2007, 41 and 129 MB

Egyptian Goose, Inks Lake, Burnet county, Texas, Dec 4, 2006, 11 MB

Wild Turkeys, Llano county, Texas, Nov 28, 2006 8.5 MB

Blue Heron video on Sandy Creek, Lake LBJ, Texas, 2.6 MB

Austin Veloway, May 2006, 28 MB

At the bird feeder in our backyard in Austin

Our birdfeeders, Austin, Texas, April 2006, 1.5 MB

Painted Bunting, Austin, Texas, May 1, 2006, two videos, 1.3 and 1.5 MB

Cardinal, Austin, Texas, May 1, 2006, 3 MB
See more bird videos and much more on Alison's website, Music 4 Musicians

More videos coming!

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Here's some videos I posted on Metacafe. The quality is lower but so is the file size, better for dial up users.

This is one Alison posted on her site. We filmed her first attempt at commincation with a grasshopper. This woman never ceases to amaze me.

Grasshopper Talks To Woman - See all Alison's video's on www.music4musicians.com

We just had to make this one of having breakfast with the deer, just for fun, we really don't eat breakfast outside that much.

Deer For Breakfast In Texas - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Sail To Devil's Waterhole - video powered by Metacafe

Teaching Whitetail Deer To Sail, Lesson 1 - video powered by Metacafe

Deer Ties A Knot - Incredible! - video powered by Metacafe