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Aquabus: solar powered 12 and 24 passenger boats, built by Grove Boats (formerly MW-Line) of Switzerland. As European leader in the field, this company has specialised in the construction of solar-powered boats with a capacity of 4 to 200 seats.

Aquabus has a capacity of 24 persons, and both the Aquabus 1050 and the enclosed Aquabus 1050-T are shown here.

Aquabus C60: 14 / 17 meter long solar catamaran by Grove Boats. 7 units operating in Europe

Learn more at the MW-Line website

Perfectly adapted to tourism and professional exploitations, it is certified CE under the European regulations and can navigate as far as 5 km of the sea shorelines.

The Aquabus 1050 is equipped with an electrical propulsion and with the most modern solar panels

Silence, cleanliness, comfort and handiness make of the Aquabus 1050 one of the most performing vessels of our time.