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2009 Loon


Solar Shuttle

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The Loon The ultimate in Enviro-boating! An 8-passenger, solar-assisted electric pontoon boat which is capable of touring inland waterways and lake systems with grace and style and has moveable seat backs to make fishing more enjoyable. This boat combines the advantages of power boating and sailing, without the environmental impact on our delicate ecosystems. There is a large battery on board, assisted by the overhead solar panels, so cruising at night or in cloudy conditions is never an issue.

Specifications soon

Video of the Loon

New for 2009, the Loon has a lowering top and is completely redesigned.

  • LOA 22'
  • Beam 7'4"
  • Motor 5.5 hp contiuous (equal to 15 hp gas)
  • Battery 48 volt, 8 X 12-volt AGM deep cycle lead-acid
  • AC assist 115 or 220 volts AC
  • Grid Charging, 6 hours (115 volts) or 4 hours (220 volts)
  • Capacity 8 people
  • Material Resin-infused Fiberglass
  • Solar array 1,000 watts peak
  • Daily range 50+ miles
  • Top speed 8 knots (9.5 mph)
  • Cruising speed 6.5 knots (7.5 mph)
  • Warranties on all major components