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The 32-foot-long boat, essentially a floating classroom, is used for school trips on Lake St. George in a field centre near Newmarket.

Powered by six solar panels that generate 720 watts, the twin-propeller boat can travel up to seven knots (eight miles per hour), the equivalent thrust of a 25 horsepower gasoline-powered outboard motor.

"It's the biggest solar boat in all of North America", says Monte.

From the company website,
"The Osprey is the ideal craft to enjoy the natural splendor of the world's lakes, rivers and inland waterways. Everything from the seating arrangement to pontoon design to the propulsion system was designed to minimize man's impact on the ecosystem while maximizing the opportunity to become a passive witness. The Osprey lends itself perfectly in applications where a 30-passenger vessel is required for water taxis, tour boats, marine research vessels, diving boats and floating classrooms. Variable seating arrangements and modifications for user-specific applications are possible. Buffalo Solar Boats is located in Ontario, with a New York store coming soon.