Sunrider 6.2 by Navgathi and Team Sustain

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In September 2008, Navgathi and Team Sustain joined hands to build a series of Solar powered boats that are fast, sleek, cost effective and functional. It was a perfect match between the two companies as each of our strengths are complementary.

Navgathi is specialized in marine design from boats to ships whereas Team Sustain in alternate enery. Navgathi took charge of developing the design and manufacturing of the boat whereas Team Sustain to engineer the solar energy collection, storage and utilization in the boat.

Sunrider 6.2 is prototype of the 10 Passenger vessel in the series of solar boats for the discerning customers. In addition to this 10 Passenger vessel, we are working on other sizes:

4 Passenger High Speed Craft

20 Passenger Vessel

40 Passenger Vessel

All the boats are fully solar powered and 100% green.

Learn more on the Navgathi Marine website