Cruise Cars

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Cruise Cars is a forward looking Florida company producing solar powered cars, which has just gone global April 6, 2009 with their distribution. Adam Sulimirski is the director of Global Sales for their solar electric vehicles.

The Kudo 8 and 14 passenger models shown on right are street legal low speed vehicles available now. With an impressive range of 50 to 60 miles and a huge payload capacity, the Kudo is an extremely useful vehicle. All Kudo models have all required equipment, lights, horn, windshield wipers, etc. to operate legally on city streets as a NEV.

The SunRay models rated for 2 or 4 passengers also have a range of 50+ miles. New models available soon carry up to 6 passengers or have 4 wheel drive.

The Cruise Car Solar Roof Kit is now available! The Solar Roof Kit easily converts most electric golf karts to solar power. The 160 watt panel incorporated in the roof will extend the range and battery life of your golf cart.