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The Quant is not your normal solar powered car, the entire car is covered by thin film photovoltaics from NLV Solar AG, which continuously charge the batteries. If you just park the car outside, it will gradually fill the batteries all by itself. While not in production yet, Koenigsegg is a real car company that builds cars. This a glimpse into the future, and a look at what is feasible to build in 2009.

Koenigsegg, the Swedish car maker, showed the full scale model at the Geneva auto show in 2009, with an impressive list of features.

  • Top speed 275 km/hr
  • Range 500 km
  • Charge time when plugged in, 20 minutes
  • Four passenger luxury sports car

    See more on the Koenigsegg website

  • The project was born when NLV Solar AG commissioned the environmentally aware Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg to develop and design a "car of the future", incorporating NLV Solar's groundbreaking, proprietary technology in the felds of photovoltaics and accumulators. In 2008, the two companies signed a co-operation agreement to create a test vehicle for a unique propulsion system which makes optimum use of the solar technologies developed by NLV Solar AG, allied with an innovative accumulator unit. The groundbreaking thin-flm solar-cell coating is being implemented in one of Koenigsegg's signature avant-garde designs.