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The Newburg Free Academyafter-school program was invited to compete in Saturday's Electrathon of Tampabay, hosted by the University of South Florida, and they're going! NFA is one of the few high schools that compete in solar car racing, and they do quite well with Sol Machine 7.

Specifications of Sol Machine 7

  • Vehicle Length 4.9784 m
  • Vehicle Width 1.778 m
  • Vehicle Height 1.312 m
  • Vehicle Weight 249.475 kg
  • Batteries Eight Optima D51 YellowTop Batteries 26 pounds per battery
  • Solar Cells Cell Manufacturer: SunPower A-300
  • Number of cells: 470 cells
  • Length: 4.8 m
  • Width: 1.7 m
  • Overall size: 8 meters squared
  • Efficiency: 18%
  • Brakes Type 1: MCP Disk Brakes [front]
  • Type 2: Hayes Brake [rear]
  • Motor New Generation Motors Model 150 8 hp

  • Newburg Free Academy in New York must be a very special high school. They've been competing for several years, and have built several solar race cars. They are/have competed in the Electrathon of Tampabay in February, 2009, but I haven't found the results yet.