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Solar Bajaj

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The Solar Bajaj is interesting because it is being used daily in and around Leatherhead in Surrey. In 2004 it traveled over 1,000 miles with the sun as it's only power. The Indian auto rickshaw was converted to electric by removing the petrol engine and putting 2 Lynch motors, connected in series, on the back wheels.

On the roof are 4 x 85 Watt BP solar panels which now charge 4 x 16 Volt Thundersky Lithium Ion batteries which replaced 4 very heavy Lead Acid traction batteries. In 2006 it completed the Battery Vehicle Society (BVS) London to Brighton run and is capable of 35 miles from the batteries and 20 miles per day from the solar panels. Future solar vehicles will be lighter with more efficient wheels and tyres but it serves to illustrate that as commuting vehicles to the station or local office, school runs and local shopping they are more than satisfactory with the added advantage of no fuel costs, MOT, road tax and only GBP 50 insurance.

Bajaj Auto makes motorcycles and three wheel passenger and cargo vehicles. As you can see, they can be converted to electric solar power. Bajaj has teamed up with Nissan-Renault to build a car.

Moss Solar has several more solar vehicles.