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The Power of One is a solar powered car setting a new distance record for solar powered cars. I don't know what the new record is, because the car has not stopped yet, but it's already well over the old record. On August 2/09 I learned that Marcelo has returned to Inuvik, NW Territories and has driven 22,151 miles on solar power alone, so far. He's looking for a sponsor so he can drive to the southern tip of South America! Let's hope he makes it.

Power of One has arrived in Alberta (6/26/09), and has driven over 18,000 miles using only sunshine as fuel, never being plugged into the grid, crossed the continental divide 8 or more times, driven on over 1200 miles of gravel roads, taken on snow, ice, and the low angle of the Northern hemisphere during the wettest summer of the past 30 years in the region.

From Toronto to the Artic circle and then to California, Florida, DC and back to Canada, an incredible adventure. A true demonstration of the power of solar energy.

See more on the Power of One website

Dream of Marcelo da Luz of Toronto, Canada, the Power of One has rolled a long way. The top of the car can be raised and tilted to point at the sun when stopped.


  • Vehicle mass ~ 300 kg (with driver)
  • Occupants 1 (driver)
  • Car Length 5.0m
  • Car Width 1.8m
  • Car Height 0.90m
  • Ground clearance 0.40m
  • Weight distribution 65% front, 35% rear
  • Wheel track 1.2m
  • Wheelbase 2.0m
  • Wheel configuration 3 (two front, one rear)
  • Wheel design & mftr, material XOF1 custom, aluminium
  • Tire model, inflation pressure SLR93, 90PSI, IRC (rolling resistance ~ 2.5kg per 1,000kg)
  • Chassis construction Polyurethane foam covered in Fiberglas and reinforced with carbon fiber
  • Body construction (upper shell) Light foam covered in Fiberglas
  • Front suspension Double A arm - fully adjustable
  • Rear suspension Double A arm
  • Steering XOF1 custom (Tank steer style)
  • Power control - dead man switch Active power control (no cruise control for safety)
  • Mechanical brake (front) Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Electrical brake (rear) Regenerative braking (motor)
  • Battery mftr, chemistry, capacity EP Kokam, Li-Ion Polymer, each cell 3.7V-40Ah (27 cells) = 3.996Kwh
  • Battery Pack Voltage 96V
  • Battery monitoring system (BMS) XOF1 custom
  • Motor type, operating voltage, weight, mftr Brushless DC, 84-108V, 20kg, NGM Corporation
  • Solar cell type, efficiency, number of cells, mftr Mono-crystalline, 15%, 893, SolarWorld
  • Solar placement, material, mftr Double sided HVP foam tape, Specialty Tapes
  • Encapsulation method Conformal
  • Total array area (cell surface) 7.144sq m
  • Maximum array output ~900 Watts
  • Number of power trackers, type 4, booster
  • Rear view Micro camera, image displayed to driver via portable viewer
  • Max speed 120 kmh
  • Frontal Area 0.723m^2