Spaceship Earth

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If I was on a spaceship, my first priority would be to safeguard the integrity of the spaceship. If the life support failed, I would die. If navigation or power failed so I could not reach safe harbor, I would die. The spaceship would come first, every time.

We live on a spaceship, we call it Earth. It is a very good spaceship, with a good life support system that gives us air to breath and food to eat, among many other things. It is transporting us around our galaxy, and has been for a very long time. All systems were good and functioning.

Recently, several individuals have been damaging our life support systems in order to make more money. We have supported them, by giving them some of our money, and allowing them to make lots and lots of money.

There is nothing wrong with money. But I don't base all of my decisions on it. Some things I do for the fun of it, and often I enjoy helping someone else. I'm sure you also do things you enjoy.

I often find things I could do for profit. Some things that would make a lot I refuse to do, like rob a bank for example. Not my thing. I could work at Walmart, and that's ok. I could build things and sell them, and that's ok too.

Or, I could damage our spaceship's life support, and make money. Lots and lots of money. You probably wouldn't notice, as long as I damaged the life support a few miles from where YOU are, and I can make plenty. If making money was number one with me, and I didn't care about the spaceships life support because I'M getting off in a few years, I wouldn't care. As long as the life support system will hold together for the rest of MY life, I don't care!

I'm not that way, but some are that way. They are destroying our spaceship's life support right now. People, yes humans, are doing it right now. They, and we helping, are destroying planet Earth, to make money. Sometimes they don't know what they are doing, and sometimes they do.

CHP Power, a very good article by Thomas R. Blakeslee.

Whales and dolphins commit suicide because of polluted oceans.

The Bright Side

This one hour and 23 minute video of Nate Lewis
is so encouraging, must watch.


3/3/09 - The Pacific gyre, filling with plastic, and killing. This informative video from TED is a bit scary.

3/3/09, First Energy's coal-fired Bay Shore power plant in Oregon, Ohio, sits near the point where the Maumee River empties into Maumee Bay. It is an area renowned as a spawning ground for fish species, particularly walleye. Many of those fish migrate through the Detroit River into Lake St. Clair and farther northward. Figures the company supplied show the plant kills up to 126,000 fish a day.

Is this necessary? The plant uses water from lake Erie for cooling, and when it sucks the water in it also gets fish, many of which die going through the pumps and power plant. Alternatively, the plant could use cooling towers and recycle the water, much like the radiator in your car. This would cost more money than using lake water, but how much more? Millions of fish per year, many of which we could eat instead. Another example of putting money first, and our spaceship last. The company says they are breaking no laws.

March 2009, Alberta Tar Sands Here are pictures of before and after, which do you prefer?

Before tar sand mining
After tar sand mining