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The "OTHER" section! I have no idea where this section is going, but it should have interesting things that relate to self powered electric vehicles.

When I find something I didn't want to lose, I'm putting it here where I can find it, and where you can find it.

If you find something that should be included, email David at

Chevy Volt mule test drive, 4/29/09

Nate Lewis of the Berkeley Lab looks at the challenge of capturing solar energy and storing it as an affordable transportation fuel

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Testing

These tests were done in 2007, but they are interesting. Especially if you are considering using Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries in a vehicle. You'll see them called LiFePo4, that means Li is Lithium, Fe is iron, and Po4 is Phosphate (Po is phosphurus, Po4 is phosphate).