Solar Challenger

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After the success of the Gossamer Penguin proved solar powered flight was possible, AeroVironment bagan construction of a new more practical airplane, the Solar Challenger.

It had only a 46.5-foot wingspan, but it had a huge horizontal stabilizer and 16,128 solar cells.

The Solar Challenger flew across the English channel, from near Paris to near Dover England on July 7, 1981, a distance of 163 miles.

Photos by Don Monroe.
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Solar Challenger set an altitude record of 14,300 feet.

AeroVironment has continued to develope solar powered aircraft with Pathfinder, and Pathfinder-Plus, Centurion, Centelios and Helios. AeroVironment is now located in Monrovia, California.

It remains to be seen if solar power is a viable option for the future of air travel though. More research and design work on solar-powered planes will likely continue in the aviation industry for years to come.